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Windfalcon / Female / Connecticut

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Pre-Germany Etsy Sale

I'm having a summer Etsy sale! This isn't anything dire - I'm just trying to raise some last-minute extra spending money (did you know the German word for a cash tip is "Trinkgeld" which literally translates to "drink money"? A+ language), so I put up a coupon code. Use SUMMER2016 at checkout at my…

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Eurofurence - Want something at the con? Let me know now!

As mentioned before, I'll be at Eurofurence this year in the Dealer's Den and Art Show. Since this is an overseas convention for me, I need to plan luggage/shipping carefully. If there is anything you would like from me, such as books, a specific print, or a mask or leather feather, please let me k…

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Anthrocon Badge Preorders

EDIT: All slots are filled! I may open for more slots if I finish these early, so if interested, leave a comment down below and I'll contact you if I open more slots Anthrocon's almost here! (a few weeks but that's 'almost here' for artists and dealers D: ) As always, I'm offering pre-order conbadg…

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I just received notification that I have a half-table in the Eurofurence dealer's den, next to Hibbary (who's gonna be my travel buddy). You can see where I'll be at this map -,6942.0.html At the far right of the dealer's den. Since I have to be very ca…

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Hello Again!

Well I spent the past few days updating my Weasyl from nearly two years of inactivity! Hopefully I will be better about updating from now on, and I apologize for flooding anyone's submission feed. Some neat news: I did a coloring book for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology! America's Favorite Birds wil…

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Winged Fantasy - First Copies Available!

I just got back from a (much needed) vacation in Montana, and arrived home to find my first copies of Winged Fantasy here waiting for me! And they're beautiful! Book Views! More Book Views! 144 pages of watercolor instruction, covering dragons, phoenixes, pegasi, gryphons, and more fantastical wing…

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Anthrocon Conbadge Specials, plus Book Availability News

Anthrocon Badge Preorder Special Since it seemed a big hit at Fur the 'More this year, I'm going to offer an Anthrocon badge preorder special as well. Pre-order price for watercolor badges will be $40 for badges that fit this year's theme, Secret Societies, or $45 for a non-theme badge (at-con pric…

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Fur the 'More 2015 - Awesome Exciting News for Next Year!

It's been RIDICULOUSLY HARD keeping this a secret until closing ceremonies, but since it has officially been announced both at the convention and on the Fur the 'More FA Journal, I can now officially announce the super awesome news. I will be a guest of honor at Fur the 'More 2015! Next year's them…

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Fur the 'More Badge Preorders - Ninjas vs. Pirates Special!

Oh hey how about that, Fur the 'More starts in A WEEK. :D I love conventions! I seriously get twitchy during the winter because there's no conventions, then spring and summer comes and convention explosion! I love it! SO anyone who is going to Fur the 'More probably knows about this year's theme -…

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Winged Fantasy - New Upcoming Watercolor Fantasy Creatures Book!

Since I've received the official go-ahead to announce the project I've been working on, here it is! My first book, titled "Winged Fantasy: Draw and Paint Magical and Mythical Creatures" will be available in July through IMPACT books! This is the big project I was working on from the summer into aut…

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Hello again, Weasyl!

I keep forgetting I have a Weasyl gallery! :0 I will be sure to update this regularly now that I've remembered <.< And I'll gradually be uploading the art that I've created in the past few months that I forgot to upload here.

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Upcoming Conventions

Here's a listing of the conventions and art shows I'll be attending: Anime Boston May 24-26 2013 (Artist's Alley) Anthrocon: July 4-7, 2013. Table D12 Dragon*Con: August 30 - September 3, 2013 (Artist's Bazaar) ASRI: Raptor Weekend - September 7-8, 2013 Illuxcon: September 11-15 2013. Friday night…

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Fur the 'More Conbadge Preorders

If anyone is planning on going to Fur the 'More in Maryland the weekend of April 5 - 7 and would like a conbadge, read on! I am offering 5 conbadge pre-order slots, for $35. Regular at-con badges are $40, so this is $5 off. To get this rate, you must order and pay before the convention, and pick th…