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Veltress / 33 / Female

Someone who badly needed a pen.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Commission Information

Finally added some of my basic commission information to my Weasyl page! I thought I had ages ago, but I must have only thought about it? haha, anyways it's there now! It's really only covering digital illustrations as I do not have set prices for my traditional works, and yarn tails have a slightl…

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There we go!

Added my footer to all my works uploaded here, pulled down a few that were very outdated, and cross posted the most recent things as well as reorganized my folders to be a little nicer for navigation :D Might not be any uploads for a while, since I'm working on top secret project for my newsletter…

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Not Dead

Again, like I stated in my last journal I may appear inactive but I actually log in almost daily here! So I've been really pushing work on my website: EvlonArts, which means I've pull my focus away from sites like Weasyl, FA, dA and even tumblr as my main art hubs. It's been a lot of coding & reorg…

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Sorry it if looks like I've abandoned Weasyl! I in fact have not, I log in about daily to look though my inbox :> I just feel like my breed arts don't really belong here much, and that's all I've been working on lately since commission! commission! commission! But I think I'll throw some more up an…

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Waxpost (Weasyl Crossposter) - Issue and Solution

Well a possible solution anyways! I've hit a few bugs with it since I started using it, but it's such a handy tool it's always worth fixing it than cross posting manually! So, some bugs + fixes I found, I hope they help anyone else getting frustrated by this neat little program! Clicked icon; new p…

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Meme Thing

What's your real name? I don't give this out on the internet. No, not even to closest friends. Though, close people in RL use my internet name, I feel like it's more personal because I chose it, and it's not one they'd know unless I told them. This is Evlon, sometimes shortened to Evs How tall are…

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Uploading Art Here!

Due to the recent drama fests on BOTH dA and FA, I'm going to try and be more active and support the shit out of this site. Now that I know there are some super handy tools to a) find and follow people from FA on here, and b) cross post from dA/FA galleries I'll be doing that. I'll try to not absol…

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Updated Commission Prices

Updated my commission prices to offer some of my newer stuff, and to adjust my fees and such. All the links are examples of what I can do. I can draw any animal, so hit me up for whatever you what! Real, fantasy, original species, you name it. This is only a small list of my commissions! If you wan…

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Oh shit people follow me?

I feel kinda lame for not uploading a bunch of work here yet, and now more lame because I'm gonna say it's because I feel stressed out with impending graduation in a month. Also I'm not sure how I want to use this gallery yet. Actually, I'd like to know what people would like to see me post honestl…