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Timot.Ei / UK

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I live!

So I forgot about this uploading site....for about two years. Whoops! I could go back and upload a load of stuff but that's a lot of effort. SO I guess instant art upgrade level in my gallery! <3 I hope everyone is well. How's life been?

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I did an animation!

HELLO! Did everyone have a lovely new year? I am going to get gently bladdered tomorrow because I have open wine which must be drunk of course. Waste not want not! And we're going off to Warhammer World on Sunday. I shall EAT ALL THE SANDWICHES! WHEE! Yum... I have no idea what else to type because…

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PC and tablet decisions ;.;

Well I am a very fortunate little monkey. I am now in a position to get a new (and desperately in need of) replacement PC. It looks like I will be getting this:…

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We have just posted the first of many comic pages which will explore the daily routines of the two central characters of The Vampire Hunters Guild. Expect to see more like this showing both the past and the future of these two characters and giving you an idea of their daily lives. Each individual…