PC and tablet decisions ;.; by Timot-Eii

Well I am a very fortunate little monkey. I am now in a position to get a new (and desperately in need of) replacement PC. It looks like I will be getting this:

Thing is I either need to get a version of Windows between 7-8 but not 10 or a new graphics tablet. My tablet is old but still works fine, though it has a freak out if I try to use it in my graphics programme (Krita)....OR....get a new tablet. I like to work with an A4 tablet (19" by 12" I think) but that'll be the same cost as the entire PC rig. It's fancy and all with tilt sensitivity and eraser end etc...but honestly I love my graphics tablet and I'm not ready to let her go. So I will probably end up getting a cracked version of windows or more likely a friends unused licence key because I'm not paying out £100+ for a licence. Dirty little scrounger that I am. XD

I need to get a new monitor but I'll figure that out. Just thought I would keep you in the loop about why my drawing has been traditional/low output lately. My poor little laptop just can't handle any digital work really. So what do you guys use?

PC and tablet decisions ;.;


29 November 2015 at 13:20:35 MST

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    I use the cheapest of everything................a several year old laptop (running Windows 7, from when it was brand-new) and a Wacom Bamboo...and Manga Studio 5 (which I got on sale for cheaper than any digital art program out there). XD But it works...I just know how to snag sales. :)

    I hope you can find a way to make everything work! hugs

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      It's all wizzy and sorted now! I have a new desktop and a cobbled desk! Whoo! :D

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        Yaaaay! :D