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College Catastrophe in German

The German translation is online! :3 Comics up to March 2011 are done. More are on their way! Special thanks to Michael Weskamp, Render, Rajak, Rei Loire, Kris, Asyr and Art-Gryphon. CC may be one of the most-translated furry comics ever :3 (Russian, Fre…

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Ursa Major Awards 2016

Swords and Sausages has been nominated for an Ursa Major Award in the category of "Best Graphic Story"! Please vote for S&S if you feel the comic deserves the recognition; Tor and Silver have worked hard :) Thank you! <3 Congratulations to all the nominees!

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Christmas art stream on Friday

I'm planning a Christmas art stream tomorrow, if nothing gets in the way! Starts 2am (Fri) UTC/9pm (Thu) US Eastern/6pm (Thu) US Pacific Please bring ideas for the holiday pic. I will attempt to sketch, ink, and color the whole thing in one sitting. See you there :)

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"Cyber Fortnight" sale!

For "Cyber Fortnight" this year, you get a 50% shipping discount on the College Catastrophe and Swords and Sausages books! Orders made by 2-December will arrive in time for the holiday season. :) -->> <<-- Check it out and thanks for looking!

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A Spanish edition of the Swords and Sausages book?

A los lectores hispanohablantes de Swords and Sausages – Jan ha mostrado interés en publicar una edición en español del libro de Swords and Sausages. Aun así, necesita un mínimo de 30 pedidos antes de poder empezar a imprimirlos. Costará alrededor de 30 US$ + 22 US$ de envío. Si estás interesado en…

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2016 Summer Sale! (and other updates)

Convention season is here, but because I'm unable to attend any until 2017 :(, I'm holding a summer sale for the next 30 days :) College Catastrophe book - was $12.95 - now $8.95 Swords and Sausages book - was $29.95 - now $19.95 (!) CC & SS book bundle - was $35.90 - now $28.90 https://store.tiger…

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Swords and Sausages books are back in stock!

I'm excited to announce the availability of the second edition of the Swords and Sausages book. So what's new? The second edition contains all the pages of the old special edition. The old regular edition now ceases to exist! The dimensions have been reduced to a bookshelf-friendly 11"x8.5". Added…

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Swords and Sausages book - final order update

Just thought I'd copy the Swords and Sausages book order mailing list update here, in case my email server gets blocked for sending out too many messages: Good news -- all of the remaining Swords and Sausages book orders have been mailed out. The international orders were mailed on 3-Feb, and the U…

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Holiday sale!

College Catastrophe and Swords and Sausages books are 20-30% off until 4-Dec! College Catastrophe book - $4 off Swords and Sausages book - $5 off Both books together - $10 off The Swords and Sausages books are actively being printed and shipped, but there is still a backorder of 2-3 weeks. The CC b…

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Swords and Sausages book now available for purchase!

Thank you for everyone's patience! I'm happy to announce the Swords and Sausages book is now available for purchase from my site, at :D I'm running a promotional discount for the next 2 weeks -- either get $5 off shipping, a signed & personalized print, or $10 off…

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I'll be flying out for RainFurrest this week! I'll be in the Seattle area from the 22nd to the 30th. I'm hosting five panels -- see the schedule here: Drawing backgrounds -- As it says ;) From idea to implementation -- How Swords and Sausages is created, develo…

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Swords and Sausages book pre-orders (RainFurrest pickup) OPEN

I'm now taking pre-orders for the Swords and Sausages book for pickup at RainFurrest! For more details and to place your order: I can only carry a limited number of books the convention -- 30 of each regular and special editions -- so order soon to reserve your co…

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Swords and Sausages book: Contributor list

Hello readers! I am creating a page in the special edition of the S&S book to acknowledge the supporters (you!) who have made the comic possible over the years. Your name will appear if at least one of these criteria are satisfied: You have appeared in any of the S&S party crashers pictures You hav…

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How many Swords and Sausages books should I print?

The Swords and Sausages book is nearing completion! As of this writing, I have 5 pages left to color. The next big step is to determine how many S&S books to actually print -- and I'll need your input: If you could fill out the above survey, it'll be g…

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RainFurrest panel ideas

So I'll need to host some panels (talks) at RainFurrest. What sort of topics would interest you (whether you're attending or not)? How about... behind the scenes of Swords and Sausages? My secret to drawing backgrounds? Making printed books and e-books for fun and maybe profit? How to draw as fast…

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S&S book: Extra content

There's some extra content I'm thinking of including in the S&S book, and I'd like your feedback! (Since you'll be the one buying the book!) Currently, the book contains: All of the regular comic pages (1-1 through 8-24) Chapter art None of the extra content (contests, sketches, contributors' pictu…

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Further Confusion 2015

I'll be attending Further Confusion 2015 :) Some vital stats: Attending: 16-Jan (Fri) ~ 19-Jan (Mon) Staying at: San Jose Marriott Rooming with: Fr0styRyan Visual ID: Thin Asian guy, 6'0", long hair in a ponytail and glasses. I'll be wearing a grey Swords and Sausages shirt if it's not too cold How…

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Thank you!

Thank you for supporting me and my comics throughout 2014! Thanks fly especially to my Patreon supporters, who are helping keep the lights on and food coming as I continue my adventure into making a living out of webcomics. It's truly been a tremendous help! ^^ Now for some fun stats -- ever wonder…

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December-January schedule

My holiday travel schedule has been shifted earlier than usual this year. I'm flying out to the U.S. on Wednesday, 10-Dec (in just 5 days... eep!) and will be there until after Further Confusion, 19-Jan. Meanwhile, I have a truckload of stuff to finish, and unfortunately that's eaten into my comic-…

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College Catastrophe book holiday sale!

Hey folks! It's a little late for the Black Friday deals, but I'm now selling the College Catastrophe book for 30% off -- USD $8.95 instead of the usual $12.95 (plus $6.50 shipping) -- until Monday, 8-Dec. As I will be traveling to the States shortly thereafter, I'm closing down CC book orders unti…

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Swords and Sausages book, part 1

Today marks a milestone in the long-running project to bring Swords and Sausages to print: I've finished drawing the last comic page! :) The big to-do list: Finish drawing chapter 8 -- Done! Color remaining black & white/flat pages in chapter 8 -- In progress; 9 pages remaining Fix inconsistent art…

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2014 Q4 update

A lot of things have happened since the last status update. Overall, things are looking up after the tough start this year. I resigned from my full-time programming position back in March to re-focus on my comics and freelance. I'm not going to describe the circumstances that led to this, but I am…