Further Confusion 2015 by tigerknight

I'll be attending Further Confusion 2015 :) Some vital stats:

  • Attending: 16-Jan (Fri) ~ 19-Jan (Mon)
  • Staying at: San Jose Marriott
  • Rooming with: Fr0styRyan
  • Visual ID: Thin Asian guy, 6'0", long hair in a ponytail and glasses. I'll be wearing a grey Swords and Sausages shirt if it's not too cold
  • How it's pronounced: "Jan" is properly pronounced with a "Y", but I don't mind the American "J" pronunciation
  • Hoping to meet: GraveyardGreg, Karmakat, The Gneech, Vince, Arc Nova, LionkingCMSL, Chaos Mine, Redclaw Otter. Shout if you'll be there! I want to meet you too :3
  • Get in touch: Twitter: ping me @tigerknight. PM/note me for my cell to get in touch via SMS
  • Dealing: I'm not dealing nor selling stuff. K9Arts (table 36 in the Dealer's Den) may carry a few copies of College Catastrophe. I'll gladly sign any copies of the book if you bring them :)
  • Art: Bring me your sketchbook and I'll doodle stuff for you. Free of charge!
  • Fursuit: Not a suiter :P
  • Hugs: Approved
  • Photos: Ask first
  • Party: Depends
  • Booze: Nope
  • Anything else: I'm a little hard of hearing? I hope it won't get in the way, but I might ask you to speak up a little o_O

See you there! :)

Further Confusion 2015


6 January 2015 at 08:41:28 MST

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    Have great fun!

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    Have fun!

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    I'll be there! Definitely hoping to see you again. :)