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tealFOXY / 27 / Booty

Noodle Neck Velociraptors
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July is Commissions Month!

If there is going to be a month this year that I'm going to be whoring myself out to art, it's going to be (the end of June and) July. Why? I'm planning to move to Seattle (or at least relatively close) at the end of July and I need as much money as I can get to save up for the moving expenses, and…

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FC2014 VS. The World Badges

Had a bunch of inquiries about the VS. Badges. If you'd like to get one, please send me an email to! These badges are $35 and will be available until FC! For an extra $4, I will print, laminate, lanyard (if need be), and deliver your badge at FC! I will not be shipping any badges…

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FC, Badges, and Weasyl

Hello, Weasyl, AKA former FA users! It's been a while since I've been on here, and it's been difficult because everyone is on FA, and that's the only reason we use it. I think FA being down is just what we needed... I'm pretty sure at least. I will try to keep Weasyl as updated as FA, if not more.…