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July is Commissions Month! by tealFOXY

If there is going to be a month this year that I'm going to be whoring myself out to art, it's going to be (the end of June and) July. Why? I'm planning to move to Seattle (or at least relatively close) at the end of July and I need as much money as I can get to save up for the moving expenses, and the blank period of time from when I move out until I have a job. My goal is at least $1,250. (separate from the money I make from normal people work) To meet my goal, I'm going to have to be doing art every day, if not close to something like that.

Any help to meet my goal is greatly appreciated whether that be a signal boost, a commission, or both! I'm going to try to get commissions out in a timely manner this month as to avoid backlogs. Nobody wants to be backlogged, and artists don't like having them...

If you have a commission inquiry, PLEASE email me at 1tealfox[at] and we can discuss your commission!

July is Commissions Month!


24 June 2014 at 17:24:26 MDT

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