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Throng: In which Blacklight gets an idea...

The latest entry in the Throng: Going Station to Station story was posted up to Patreon for ticket holders. If you're lagging behind, you just now saw Mint introducing herself. Patreon members (tour ticket holders) get the story 4 weeks in advance. has the details. Po…

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MultiMay sketch special

If you posted on the FA post, you don't need to post here! But, for those not on FA... I'm running too tight again, and I need to buy a new scanner. So lets work towards that. This entire month, I'm opening up for blind sketches -- in other words, give me your character, and I will multi it. It may…

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I now have a Patreon with a story to tell...

The "Throng: Station To Station" story is now started on Patreon! It will not be posted here. It will be an early access model, but the first part is free for all to see. Start at and you'll see the prologue chapter. If you like more, become a Patreon.

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Outgoing collection requests

Heads up! If you have any art of my characters (fan art or commissioned work), I will be sending over a collection request. I maintain a collection here.

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Flood Watch has expired

That's the last of the pics. Now go through and refave everything! I'll issue another flood watch for text later.

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A Flood Watch is now in effect...

I'm going to start filling in some of my account here by crossposting out from FA. There's a good amount, but I'll leave out some cruft. EDIT: Just so you know, I am doing these manually (as any bulk movement doesn't work no matter what I'm using) and I'm setting the "Don't bug anyone about it" fea…

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"Trans-" in the Canmephian Universe.

A bit more wordplay... but a good highlight into my Canmephian Universe. In that universe, there is no such thing as "transgender" or "cisgender". You are male, female, herm, or neuter. Why? Well, you can change your genes at any time. In the Canmephian Year 6000, gene tweaking is "nothing new" and…

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Something better than "cisgender"...

I had went off a bit on a fellow artist fur (who asked not to be named) over the term "cisgender" on Twitter... and he posted a good question which I felt needed to be explored in a more proper setting, as a journal entry. For those who don't know, "cisgender" is supposedly the compliment to "trans…

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Getting better...

So there's been some tweaks to the site, with the latest update... and it's slowly getting better. The flashy "info overlaying thumbnail" feature is gone -- much better. The big thing I do see is a public bug tracker, which should keep things in check. There's a few bugs and a few features I see ot…

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Oooooh why did Weasyl did THAT?!?

Okay, so this is a first time mucking with Weasyl... and it deserves not it's beta tag, but back more towards alpha. Why is that? Weasyl isn't simple and straight forward enough. It's a flaw in the user interface and intended user experience. Well, following users is fast enough, there's a link the…