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Splash / RTP, NC, USA

Open the door • Get on the floor • Everybody walk the Corgisaur
Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Closed
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I am active!

Weasyl is the best (edit: most trustworthy) art site of the three that folks are talking lately about so it seemed like a good time to clean up my page and submissions a bit. I'm always the most active on Twitter, though.

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Wash your hands before handling it

General life update. Sorry for being away on FA and Weasyl lately! I don't really have a central reason. Life has just been keeping me busy and I haven't been so driven to be on my desktop computer. Since my last journal I have: Rebuilt most of my computer, lost some WIP while doing so but nothing…

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3/30: Back in business! Sorry y'all, but I had to nuke my inbox. FYI journal: It looks like my motherboard kicked the bucket on Monday, so I've been and will continue to be offline/AFK (with the exception of Twitter) due to that. Order for a new one was placed yesterday. Godspeed, hardware *salutes…

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Free Wacky Races Round #5 - WINNERS

Hello everyone! Thanks so much to all who entered the Wacky Face raffle. I was trying something new [for myself] by incorporating Twitter and Tumblr to try to spread the word and I think it went pretty well! So, on to the winners. There were a total of 10 completed entries (8 on FA, 2 here). As I s…

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Free Wacky Faces Round #5 - CLOSED

CLICK HERE FOR FURAFFINITY JOURNAL MIRROR Want a free wacky face drawing/icon like those seen here?…

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Welcome to Weasyl!

I know a lot of y'all are coming into Weasyl from recent events on FA and it has made me realize I need to try a bit harder to stay active here. While I won't be posting everything on Weasyl because, really, it's still a pain in the butt, I will upload more here and I won't be keeping a separate ac…

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Hello Weasyl!

Until this site becomes less clunky (it's the exact same as it was in closed access, isn't it?) this page will simply be an alternate account. My main account will continue to be on FA: Watch me there for direct info on freebie raffles and other Splash goo…

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Happy 2012!

It looks like I'll continue to be quite occupied through the end of 2012. In summary, tons of year-end work related stuff delayed a lot of projects I wanted to get done for people by Xmas so I'm continuing sewing in my free time through this week, followed by holiday travel and activities. Oh, also…