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I am active! by Splash

Weasyl is the best (edit: most trustworthy) art site of the three that folks are talking lately about so it seemed like a good time to clean up my page and submissions a bit.

I'm always the most active on Twitter, though.

I am active!


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    I'm assuming you're talking about FurryNetwork and Inkbunny? Just curious, what are your thoughts on SoFurry or DeviantArt? So far I'm settling on Weasyl as well, but I like having my options open.

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      Ah, I was referring to FA and FN - was being WAY too vague in hindsight. No more making journals when sleepy. baps own wrist
      I honestly am not familiar with SoFurry! Will have to look into it.
      DeviantArt seems like a great place to build a portfolio but for just posting and chatting it's really busy. I tried to return to it a few years ago and got overwhelmed by how many different things there are to keep up with.

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    I am very very new to this site DX i plan on using this more, but may need help

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      I'm here to help!! :D