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Wash your hands before handling it by Splash

General life update. Sorry for being away on FA and Weasyl lately! I don't really have a central reason. Life has just been keeping me busy and I haven't been so driven to be on my desktop computer.
Since my last journal I have:

  • Rebuilt most of my computer, lost some WIP while doing so but nothing important
  • Attended FWA2015 while debuting Retro's head made by the amazing otter.n.daughter (thanks to all who stopped me with wonderful comments and dealt with my silliness while on stage with Dad's Garage!)
  • Went to Mexico for a week
  • Got sick again because 2015 is cursed
  • Pulled some serious overtime at work, woop woop life responsibilities

I'm hoping to get back into things online. Felix and I are due for new icons, Splash needs new reference sheets, and y'all haven't even seen Telson (and another character in the works)!
Felix and I are set for Furpocalypse 2015 and Nekocon but whether we'll make it to MWFF is kind of up in the air thanks to how quickly hotel space sold out (gone before the page could load, was that some kind of record?).

I think that's everything? Working on sewing more. I've got some foxy pillows that should be put up for sale here or on Etsy and I've been slowly progressing on some cosplay costumes... Splash's body is in serious need of padding up since I have managed to lose fat (flex flex). Her new head and Retro's body should be done by Furpoc! <33

So, what'd I miss? How're you all doing? How much longer does FA have?

Wash your hands before handling it


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    Other than the sicks it sounds like you have been having fun, woo!!

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      Yeah! Life has been largely positive lately, albeit super busy. Biggest sink of time has been work but it's more because I've got a lot to learn in this new position so I'm staying late as a decision <3

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        Thats nice! Im glad things have been positive ; w;