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None of this is good, Vector. That's why it's called "war."
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2020 Update and Big Plans

Hi there! It's the year 2020. We've got about 11 months to make this place properly cyberpunk, so we've got some work to do. We've already done dystopia, it's old and tired, time to knock down any systems trying to keep that going. You might've noticed a few changes over the past few weeks. I've tw…

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Where I've Been?

First of all, apologies for the super-quiet. I've been keeping my Patreon and Project Twitter updated, but I've only just now got PostyBirb set back up. Basically, while I was streaming Untitled Goose Game on my Picarto for a bit of fun, my PC gave up the ghost. I thought at first it was just the p…

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Rulent Tower (Sexy Woods) Progress Update -Patreon

There's a new update video for Rulent Tower (known previously as Sexy Woods)! It covers some development updates and tricks, and the completion of SuperKing's apartment! You can watch it here with any supporter tier right now, otherwise the post will go free in a month:…

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August Wrap-up / September Plans (& Older Updates)

Something I don't mention here much is that I do status updates on what's been going on, and what my plans are for the next month. These are Patreon-exclusive for the first month, but I schedule them to become public once the month is up. I've also started reading off Patron names in the audio vers…

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April Wrap-Up

Boy, that Sonic Movie trailer, huh? I know you've heard a million hot takes on it. Honestly, I'm so numb to the weirdness of it at this point, I'd just be happy if they changed Sonic's design to be less "weird small naked man". And it's probably too late and too expensive to do that, so I'm not cou…

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Big Change to Patreon, Please Read

Big announcement: I've hit my limit with Patreon, and I also don't feel like the site is going to be super-supportive of mature content creators in the near future, so I've scaled things back to it being a Tip Jar. I did try this once before, and it went terribly. But gating content isn't working,…

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Become a Beta Watcher!

The Midna animation should be done some time this weekend. Maybe even late tonight! It'll need to be approved by the commissioner. I'm also going to have my Patrons do a beta watch to spot any last-minute fixes I may have missed. So if you'd like to see the animation earlier than everyone else (by…

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New Twitter for Updates and Notifications!

I've put together a new Twitter account specifically for updates about streaming notices, content releases, Patreon posts, etc, so I don't have to make journals every time and be annoying. Follow it here, if you're interested: This is a NSFW account, to be clear. Post…

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Patreon Monthly Audio Update Free, Want Feedback

I decided to make this month's audio update (+ text notes for those who don't want to listen) free again, hopefully so I can get some feedback. I'm struggling with what to do regarding the Patreon and other things right now. Your voice would be appreciated. (T…

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Commission Queue

Current Commission Queue: 1. MythsofLegends: Narrative Animation 2. Buckshot1130: Narrative Animation 3. Blacksuperior: Narrative Animation [Available] Note that commissions may be completed out-of-order, depending on complexity and scheduling. Posted using PostyBirb