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April Wrap-Up by Setsune

Boy, that Sonic Movie trailer, huh? I know you've heard a million hot takes on it. Honestly, I'm so numb to the weirdness of it at this point, I'd just be happy if they changed Sonic's design to be less "weird small naked man". And it's probably too late and too expensive to do that, so I'm not counting on that either.

Project-wise, I've been jumping back and forth between a few different things. Earlier in the month I was focusing on Blender 2.8, as you saw with some of the demo models I was making. I made a rough test model, Krystal naturally, but it feels weird making a model using someone else's model as reference, and it's clearly not up to prime-time. I was hoping to use Warfaremachine's Krystal to do a small Easter loop in Blender, but I had problems with missing textures and getting it to work right, and so I'm sorry to say that didn't pan out. It's so frustrating when you know 80% of what to do, but that 20% is just enough to hold you back from getting anything done?

I picked up a course from GamesPlusJames on 3D platformer design to get back into Unity 3D development. It's a handy refresher, as well as touching on some elements that are new to me, like Cinemachine cameras. The grand plan is to be able to use Blender to develop and animate some Programmer Art I can use for my game projects, as that was a roadblock I ran into a lot last time I started into Unity 3D. This means I keep flipping between learning the two on different days, which isn't the most efficient way to go about things.

To top that all off, I've been experimenting with the recently-released GB Studio. For relatively early software that outputs actual, playable Game Boy rom files, it's incredibly intuitive and polished. It's a lot of fun to toy with, and as you've seen, I started a project which I called "Sexy Woods" because it was literally the first thing out of my head. It's going to be a short story set in a Rule 34 Universe, mostly tongue-in-cheek and suggestive rather than actually lewd. I couldn't even sprite clothes on Kry- SPACE VIXEN because 16x16 and 3 colors + transparency makes for some tricky detailing.

I also switched my Patreon over to Tip + Credits Only, and BOY HOWDY was that a mistake! DeflatingBalloon.wav and everything. I am considering including $10 (and possibly early $5) backers as custom-sprited NPCs in Sexy Woods, complete with your own comment. I'm not going to push this until the start of the next month, but if you backed now, I'd certainly remember it:

That's about it for now. I have a story project in mind, but it's nothing more than an outline at the second, and I'm actually deciding whether I want it to be a simple written story, or a short Game Boy project like Sexy Woods, or even something in Unity. I'm still not great at managing scope. I did start on a SFM animation for someone, but it's not progressed beyond Set Dressing. I'll get back to it, but I admit that I really want to focus on at least Unity and GB Studio.

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April Wrap-Up


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