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scarletsteam / male / kenosha, wisconsin

Commissions: Open
Trades: Open
Requests: Sometimes
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comms plz?

my mom has been getting on my case just a bit because i'm not getting any costumers so I could really use some if nobody minds paying for my artwork, and if u r not or can't plz at least spread the word, last thing I need with the shit making me sad is more problems.

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yesterday a few things happened that ruined my day and made me depressed, one of my biggest breakdowns, and all was do to being punished for being accused of things I did not do, the biggest being a particular artist, af, who I recently did a signal boost for to try to help rebanned and blocked me…

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Just a reminder that my paypal is active and ready to go but funds in it r drained so I could use some cash so if u like plz consider commissioning me, if u wish commission me plz send me a note here on DA with the details, if I approve it i'll start working on it once the money is sent, and I get…

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state of me

srry to bother u guys but I just feel I must vent out in some way, so only read this is u wish and give a damn. I feel crappy, like shit, lower than that, like I don't even seem to matter, that even though I have those that can see the good in me and allow me the honor to be their friend, I still f…

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today i'm having surgery at about 1pm, don't know how long it will be before i'm done but afterwards i'll be groggy and not nessisarly able to think clearly for the next few days so I appalogize in advance for anything I may say or do during that time, and should the worse come to pass it has been…