hurting by scarletsteam

yesterday a few things happened that ruined my day and made me depressed, one of my biggest breakdowns, and all was do to being punished for being accused of things I did not do, the biggest being a particular artist, af, who I recently did a signal boost for to try to help rebanned and blocked me from all his sites and streams, includeing his rage-chan blog preventing me from being able to keep up with the series like all the other fans, some of the things I was accused of were stalking, making alternate accounts to avoid banns, and irritateing him in streams deliberately and via other means. the truth is all I did was rewatch him on stuff, fave some recent pics, leave 2 comments complimenting the work on 2 separate deviations, 1 comment each, change my name on picarto just so it matched my da having no honest clue that it would override any bans, and complement while respectfully saying goodbye in 1 stream that I was quiet in completely apart from when it was over and I was leaveing, WTF? why must I be accused, punished, and hurt when things start to look up?
anyways this was to not only explain what happened but also why I may not be in a good mood when u see me and why I was so depressed yesterday that I had to cancel a stream I had planned to do because I was so sad and depressed I could not even draw and in the processed missed out on making a b-day gift for ladysiggy :(
so again srry in advance if I am not my usual self and I hope I did not waste too much of your time



15 August 2015 at 06:00:04 MDT

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