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"God damn it Ace!"
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Submissions. Flooped in a recent doodle and things I thought I put up here but didn't... This year's been weird...been doodling off and on more, but my track record of finishing things or having things come out good are low. Had to delete a folder with a ton of sketches that were bad and I wouldn't…

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Nothing bad happened, insane mother didn't hit me with bad news, got a Dedede and Shiek amibo and a fuckin' cool hat.... PRAISE THE LLOYD.

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Spoooooooky seasons

Hope folks are enjoying their October and plan to have a fun/relaxing Halloween!

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I'm moving~

Thankfully it's only like fifteen feet. Gonna get the other room to the apartment here (the one I've wanted for over a year now) and the change should really do be good. Usually I like to move things around and that lets me get a kind of "yay do stuff" high and helps with getting me in the mood to…

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Oh yeah, I turned 29 some time ago. waves the world's smallest flag

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Getting to know me: The Meme

Sometime Mana needs to gimmie an HTML cheat sheet so my stupid ass can do the fancy accents and fonty-doos to make these lists look better~ What's your real name? [redacted] I LOATH my name for how it was picked and what it stands for. I'd rather my father been Trigon so I could have wicked cool po…

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WOW FA....

This was 2010/'11 all over again, but turned up a few dials. REALLY not surprised though. I mean, the owner saw a guy admitted he had sex with his dog, noted him to take the pictures down and keep quiet about it so his BFF won't have people pointing at him and saying "wait he's breaking the ToS and…

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2014 in the distance

I'm not 100% ready to go on stuff, but my computer isn't a slag heap and I have updated drivers~ I know the first few months of working on things will be cringy, but it'll be worth it. Been hella lazy and bracing for what's left of this month, but it's half over. Things have already happened. It wa…

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Second Entry

New year's resolution: Stop being lazy and draw things. I hate having ideas and muse flow and almost not acting on them. I had soooooo many plans this year to do stuff. Then there was a move, bad stuff happened....a few times, and I was dumb and had a few times where I slipped into depression. That…

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First Entry

Yeah, got into Weasyl~<3 .....now to do that whole art uploading thing.... I really don't wanna throw up any of my older stuff =x Guess that means I'll have to get drawing! I should probably start with ref sheets. An' get a doodle/scraps folder going at some point.