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Rackiera Kzera / Female / New England, USA

FireDragon97 from deviantART
Commissions: Closed
Trades: Sometimes
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Commissions Opening Oct. 15th!

I will be reopening between 5 and 10 commission slots (complexity depending) on Friday, October 15th, 2021! This opening will NOT be first-come first-serve. Instead, I will be opening my commision form over the weekend. Come Monday or so, I will pick the projects that interest me most if I exceed m…

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Comissions OPEN

As of right now, I don't have a slot system, but if I get overburdened I'll have to introduce one. Keep an eye on my Trello ( ) for updates! Commissions are first-come first-serve based on receipt of payment and will be worked on in that orde…

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Commissions Reopening on May 14th!

Hey everyone! I'm here to give you an early heads up that my commissions are going to be reopening on May 14th, 2018 - exactly 2 weeks from today. It's been a long time coming considering I closed them last over the winter, if I'm not mistaken, but now that my finals and college are almost over I'v…

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Racky to Earth... do you copy?

Hey people! You might've noted the art I posted lately, but finally got around to writing a journal. I'm not totally back when it comes to continuing Breakthrough and the like, but I'm available again and set up in Germany :) Laptop works, tablet works, Photoshop works, Paint Tool SAI works, etc! I…

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Status of My Life (and Breakthrough, ofc)

Hi all, Right now, I'm nearing a sort of pinnacle moment in my life. On July 8th, I will be moving to Germany for at least ~3-4 months to learn German in courses over there. Here's my schedule: June 15th - 17th - 2 friends came with me to a lake for a few days. June 21st - 24th - Edritch will be vi…

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The Return

Hey everyone, I'm back now, sorta. I need to get my life back in order again and get back on schedule, but I should be more present now. Hopefully I can reply to all your comments soon, too! I do plan to update Breakthrough on Friday, but I might need to postpone it to next week if things get way t…

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Breakthrough Pause/Hiatus

Hey people, There wont be a Breakthrough update this week, but there will be next. Personal issues just sort of prevent me from wanting to put pen to paper right now. Sorry, everyone. Also as future warning, Breakthrough is going on hiatus from December 18th-January 10th or 17th for the holiday sea…

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Breakthrough Wiki - The Secret Project

Hey everyone! It's time I finally reveal to you the secret project I've been working on so long! The Breakthrough wiki! I've written 45 articles so far, mostly on characters, nations, and locations. There are three guides on character creati…

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Art/Breakthrough Hiatus ~ 6/15 - 8/5 (Dates Rough)

Hey people, While I absolutely hate to say it, I'm going to have to drop my pen and go on hiatus earlier than expected. I did plan on this a long while back, since I knew I was going to be shipped off to Germany for a week (6/30 -> 7/7) and then have a visitor around until at least the end of July.…

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My Accounts + Tumblr

Heya all, Just making a statement here about which other sites I'm on, including Tumblr which I finally updated recently (it was made for a year but I did nothing with it). I currently have five active art-centric accounts overall! DeviantART - FurAffinity - http…