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Rackiera Kzera / Female / New England, USA

FireDragon97 from deviantART
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Rackiera's Shouts

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    Yo Rackie I legit just ran into someone in Rainbow Six: Siege pretending to be you lmao

    I asked why they stole it and they said "I didn't steal it", so I'm assuming they're pretending to be you entirely

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      What the heck? That's so weird lmao, I don't even play that game. Not sure if there's anything I can do, but thanks for the heads up :'D

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        They actually added me after the game and I yelled at them to change it, I'm 95% sure they actually did

        Thought it was fuuckin hilarious

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          ROFL wonder why they added you. Good on you though, thanks haha!

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    You now have a chakat watcher, watching a bunch of dragons. Shi just hopes none of them spot hir..

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      Haha, no worries, nothing bad will happen :D