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"Cooties" is a bar, right...?
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Painting/Commission query

At Wall-to-Wall Mart, I saw something and I gotta ask: If I painted on 3in x 3in canvases and sold them for $5 each, would you buy them? They would be commissioned so you get what you want. Mailed and everything.

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I'm done making art.

After someone felt that an extra $8 on an already cheap drawing was too much for them to pay, I realized no one wants to pay to see my art. Even if they pay other artists to see sketches at the price I do for full color. So whatever.

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I love the people who make this site!

Jesus, the F/C update is...it's small, but I love it so much! I can tell how much I love a piece by how fast and how hard I hit that F button! And me, with my non-existent attention span, can just simply press 'C' and type without having to think about scrolling and going through other people's com…

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Streaming! (soon)

I'm probably gonna stream in about an hour from now. So it'll be about 10:30am Arizona. :V

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Free boob-sweater icon!

So the wonderful Lock is giving out the base for an icon for FREE! They come in big, medium, small, and flat! I'm about to put Higoku in one and I'm just so happy! Thank you, Lock! :D http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6359329/

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For the Bara drawings...

I have gotten many, many, MANY requests for this thing, so...I think I'm gonna charge $5 after these next 3. (I need food and ComiCon money) People who pay $5 for their drawing get highest priority. (guaranteed to be drawn, and will be drawn first, in order of payment) People who have been friends…

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...Or any character of yours you want to see made bara. Why? Because I got commissioned (technically, I'm the creative team, but whatever) to do a comic that heavily involves bara characters, and I need to get back into practice before I do things for this comic. So, once again, send me an OC, bara…

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What if I did a Character Q&A?

Where I drew out the answers to questions to my characters (or me, I guess)? The list would be: Higoku the monkey, Turk the orc, Josef Johnson, several other OCs, and myself. I need a reason to draw more. Not wanting to push but I am running out of time to pay for the things so commissions would be…

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"Help Me Pay For School" Commissions!

I'm in a tight crunch. I just got in a musical, but added up the numbers and realized I wouldn't be able to afford all of the things. There's also the 1-credit class I have to sign up for and, as I am jobless, I cannot afford that, either. :T So...opening commission slots! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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New username, btw

Formerly assporn. I want a less...awesome/nsfw. Thank you, Weasyl Support! :D

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So I have very briefly talked to a couple of them, and they are so understanding and nice. And they actually care about the users here, so mad props there. Goodness, I've never felt so well-oriented on an art gallery so quickly before! And the new-to-me markdown tutorial that's on the site instead…

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So I'm getting sick of my current wallpaper.

So you know what that means! ... ... ... GONNA DRAW SOME NEW WALLPAPER! 8D ...And it's gonna be available to whatever dimensions are stated! Suggestion box is now OPEN! GO! GO! GO!

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How it goes: You order (send me a note with "Commission" in the title or talk to me via IM) I draw the sketch If you approve, then you pay and I'll continue. If you don't approve, I'll make the changes. It's only a sketch, no worries. Show you previews at various points. If you dislike anything be…

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Doing Tattoo Design Commissions!

Now that I have more free time in my life, I am opening up commission time! Yay! I will soon be submitting some random designs that pop into my head, though I do take suggestions/requests and commissions. (just to let you know, you'll have to pay if you want to use a request, sorry, but I need mone…

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Get To Know Meme

What's your real name? Jarrad Names you go by? Jarrad, assporn, ap, and Qwerty How old are you? 24 How old do you feel/act? Depends. Sometimes 40, sometimes 15. How tall are you? ~6'2" What's your natural hair color? A REALLY, REALLY dark red that looks black until held up against a black surface.…

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I just love that high you get when you see a friend request be confirmed by someone. <3 CoCo~<3 Keri~<3 Seriously, I need to talk with y'all more! ugh! I miSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ITTTTTTTTTTTTT Also: how was everyone's weekend?

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This is my first journal, and to commemorate it, I'll post some exclusive pictures here, but I'll also be following a lovely new prompt that I found (that is SOOO much easier to think up and be creative with than the 100 prompt challenge). Favorite Pokemon of a certain type! :D Anyway, again, hello.