Commissions by QwertyRulz

How it goes:

  1. You order (send me a note with "Commission" in the title or talk to me via IM)
  2. I draw the sketch
  3. If you approve, then you pay and I'll continue. If you don't approve, I'll make the changes. It's only a sketch, no worries.
  4. Show you previews at various points.
  5. If you dislike anything be specific and prepared to pay 10% extra. (only if it's a lot of work, minor things can easily be looked over)
  6. I send it to you (either snail mail, or e-mail, your choice)

The Pricing

These are just GENERAL pricing b/c the more details in the pic, the more it'll cost. (it's school and/or fun time I'm giving you guys)
Backgrounds added in are detailed ones that I actually worked on. Simple ones, I do not charge for.
All prices are in American USD.
Use this converter:

(click here to see examples)
Traditional Media
Sketch: $8 JoJo Pyro
Clean Pencil: $12 Jolteon Ridin' Dirty The Observance of Higoku Chola
Inked Pencils: $18 GL Snipe challenges you GL Mychael challenged you check my comment for title Reiner Trade
Inked, no Pencils: $12 I'd Rather Have Found A Mugger Falling-Inked'd
Clean Colored Pencil: $18 Wyett
Sketch Card, Ink: $10 (you keep original card)
Sketch Card, Colored Pencil: $15-20 (you keep original card)
Sketch Card Examples

Digital Media
Sketch: $8 Unaf No Fag No Fuck Much Fuss
w/BG: +$4
Clean lines: $12 Cute Scout+Pyro Just for the lineart
w/BG: +$5
Full inking: $18 TF2 - Poser Poseurs
w/BG: +$5
Flat Colors: $23 VelociWRYYYaptor I'm Crimson Viper Burn My Lungs
w/BG: +$5
Cel Shading: $28 001
w/BG: +$6
Smooth Shading: $35 Zzziiip--Color
w/BG: +$7

+1/2 base price for each additional character up to 5 total.
$=base price

5 characters = $ + .5$*4
4 characters = $ + .5$*3
3 characters = $ + .5$*2
2 characters = $ + .5$*1

Wanna See It's Development?

You can request to see it being streamed on LiveStream, but it MUST BE REQUESTED IN THE NOTE. A few minutes before I start with the drawing, I'll post a journal when I'm about to do it. Most likely, I'll be doing 'em 9pm (21:00) MST.

Paypal is



23 January 2014 at 15:44:59 MST

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