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Pentazer / Male / Hippogryph / Canada, eh?

Good drama is no llama.
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So I'm starting to use postybirb. If this works as intended I'll be uploading to all my galleries at once (FA, Weasyl, Inkbunny and SoFurry). I probably wont upload my old stuff to IB and SF but new stuff will start showing. Maybe??? OZO

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Check out my soundcloud! I recently started getting into remixing music. It's a lot of fun. You'll probably see more extended cuts of music I like in the future. It's just for fun, so I'm not planning on making it a full time thing. I don't have time for that. These are things I just cut tog…

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Out of the RP Scene

I've decided to retire from RP for the foreseeable future. I plan to focus more on the friends that I know. I also hope to get into D&D more extensively, return to MtG and start getting into multiplayer stuff. RP has been pretty stressful lately and after a significant portion of my life has been s…

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Chronicles of the Infinite Realms

It's growing. Slowly but surely, the borders of the world grow, it's horizons expand and more story fills the space. The COIR portal is now live I'm still creating the setting and the tales through RP. Two or three major plot arcs to tell the rise and fall of the Age…

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It's almost time!

The Legend of the Dark Eternal is drawing near to completion. It will continue to grow as RP and campaigns are held within it, but the maps and encyclopedia of lore and tabletop rules will be ready soon. After so much work it is nearly there! I'm so excited. When the Legend of the Dark Eternal is "…

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Mumble grumble

Due to circumstances at the office that have swept away my ability to think, sleep and function properly I'm going to be indisposed for the next quarter. RP and all major activities are suspended until the new year. I'm enacting major changes at the office come Jan 1 which will send some shock-wave…

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Dance of Dark Eternal

I finally got a wiki active to keep track of the growing Dance of Dark Eternal. This is the White Wolf custom campaign setting of my own design. A grimdark modern/semi future/gothic/fantasy mix! It is used for both RP and tabletop!

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Reuploaded the hippogryph commission of my fursona from Likeshine with the FINAL (final) version!

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Well I finally brought myself to putting my Weasyl page together. Phew! Hope you enjoy it!

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Okay, I only just now found out how to create a journal. Still getting everything settled over here. Need to get my commissions posted and functional links back to the artists.