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Pentazer / Male / Hippogryph / Canada, eh?

Good drama is no llama.

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    Hi, thank you so veeeeeeeeeeeeeery much for the follow ;) :D :D !!!

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    Storyteller extraordinaire, you say? Most fanciful, however, I dare say it is certainly delightful to see others who dedicate themselves to the written word around here.

    The "DM" abbreviation is the only thing that sends me aloof and confused. Would you be so kind as to explain that one single part, please?
    Anyway, I wish you a prosperous evening, and you are welcome... for the favourite.

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      Well, as you can see from my profile I do enjoy my role-play sessions. However their origins lay back borne in tabletop Dungeons & Dragons. A game of D&D Has a "Dungeon Master," also known as the "DM." The DM essentially narrates the campaign through which the players journey and adventure toward their demise fun. As a DM-Storyteller the method is almost the same. Though instead of throwing d20's around to determine the outcome of something it simply becomes a measure of what you can and can't do within the spectrum of realism (some call this common sense).

      So I "DM" a campaign, driving the force of the narrative. I play the world, the environment, the antagonist, the NPC's and so on that my partner(s) experience within the limits of their perception. Needless to say my campaigns are intensely story driven adventures that can take months on end to adventure through. Full of danger, excitement, drama and nary a llama (unless it's an anthro, hah).

      "Verbing weirds language."

      Hope that answers your question.~

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        It does answer the question, thank you very much. And have you had the opportunity to unleash your DM talents inside the furry fandom? To be precise, ever got the chance to get into such avid roleplays around here? Asking out of curiosity, purely.

        I may understand, or at least have the impression that roleplay could prove entertaining, especially if you put it that way. Must be a nice and inspirational form of exhilaration and socialization, I presume.

        Also, you present a wonderful fursona/character concept, dare I say that. Quite interesting.

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          Oh most certainly! I've been doing DM-Style RP for ages! I'm quite good at it and it is one of my greatest passions. My reward is my partners having fun. If my players are dissatisfied in my story I've failed in my role as a storyteller. :( I can only maintain 3 stories at once though, they are a daunting task to prepare and deliver with quality. So I can only manage 3, 1 on 1 RP's at a time.

          I'm an avid roleplayer to be sure! It allows me to meet lots of fun and interesting people and play around. A great stress reliever!