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Outlandish_Studios / 36 / Brohio

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
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Con schedule!

2015 ANE - DD MCFC - AA FWA - Dealing BLFC - Dealing Morphicon - Maybe, Dealing Anthrocon - pending DD RMFC - DD IFC 2015 - GOH! FR - DD MFF - DD/AA The ones I'm guaranteeing are ANE,FWA,BLFC, and IFC, since I already have money invested in them via DD tables 8D!

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IFC 2015 art has begun!

Hey guys! If you wanted to peek at what I've started working on for Indyfurcon 2015, pop on over to their Facebook page and look at their background photo! It will be premiering in the MFF conbook in December!

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IFC 2015 GOH!

I have been selected to be the Guest of Honor at Indyfurcon 2015: As seen on TV! Come see me next year! I have mighty big shoes to fill, but I'll do my best!

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IFC this weekend!

I'll be at Indyfurcon from Thursday to Monday, so hit me up in the dealers room or for dinner!

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See ya'll bitches there! <3 Come say hi, I'll be at table 18 selling stuffs c:! I'll have badges, illustration, taking custom vinyl decal orders, and will have a limited run of luigi death glare decals~ Cheers!

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BRB moving to Colorado :U

Next week we're moving the family to Colorado Springs! I'll be at RMFC the following week at table 18 in the dealers room. Woo~

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Streaming at 8:30 EST, wingit commissions available!

STREAM WILL START AT 8:30 PM EST!! I'll journal and post again when it's live :D I don't like taking new commissions when I have a queue bigger than a handful (and especially when I still have 2 wingits I need to complete!), but bills this month, OMG x-x! Taking a small batch of wingits to float us…

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Free plush giveaway from AlexGoneLoco

AlexGoneLoco is holding a raffle for a free plush with a value of up to $150! These things are SO CUTE you just might poop yourself!

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Sigil has a raffle goin' on!

Check out Sigil's page for this superrad raffle, you could win some fantastic art!…

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Get back to twerk...I mean get to know me?

What's your real name? Heather Lynn :B How tall are you? 5'5 or so What's your natural hair color? Dark brown, right now a light auburn. In the past year it's been blue, orange, fire engine red, deep burgundy and natural. What's your eye color? Poop. What's your orientation? I like boobs and the al…

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Hello new followers!

Well wasn't this drama the best advertisement Weasyl ever had? Anyway. I'm here. I'm on FA, and I'm on a couple more places too. The most active is my tumblr, I post there faster than FA- And secondly I have a facebook page, it's all PG though so if you want…

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Holiday Wingits and Bust commissions OPEN!

Wingits $30 flat color/ $40 cell shading Extra characters $20/ea $5 OFF if Holiday Themed! Deluxe 3/4th body busts $25 flat color/$35 shaded Extra characters $20/ea More info here! Also a link to my FAQ! (NSF…