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Streaming at 8:30 EST, wingit commissions available! by Outlandish_Studios

STREAM WILL START AT 8:30 PM EST!! I'll journal and post again when it's live :D

I don't like taking new commissions when I have a queue bigger than a handful (and especially when I still have 2 wingits I need to complete!), but bills this month, OMG x-x! Taking a small batch of wingits to float us until payday, and possibly get some more screenprinting ink cause I'm DYING to try making shirts before Morphicon!

I will work on as many as I can in stream tonight (3-4 hours, unless I'm on a roll and the chat is fun!) and then the rest will be spread into my queue to give me a break between some of the OMG big projects I have :D

Wingit info:

Wing-it's starting at $20!

  • MUCH cheaper than standard prices

  • Not available via note inquiry, only available via Livestream/journal sale!

  • Limited palette, intricate markings may be simplified

  • Wing-it style. Pose and composition are up to me! Unable to provide previews or do major edits. Small details I missed may be able to be changed

  • Client may choose whether Clean, Mature (nipples, unerect dong, artistic nudity), or adult

*3/4 to full body, most will be full body

  • Worked on in order of payment received, queue style. There is no guarantee your commission will be worked on in a stream!

[b] If you want one, EMAIL the form below to outlandishstudios[at] [/b]

Why email and not notes? I will be using your email to send you the completed image, and the email stacks help me keep track of things.

FA username:
Type of wingit:
Character/s refs: Will work from a text file but visual refs are preferred. Keep descriptions short and to the point, please!
Clean/ Mature or Dirty?:
Three words to describe commission: May or may not be applied to commission

Streaming at 8:30 EST, wingit commissions available!


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