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Commissions OPEN!...Wait...Now CLOSED?!

COMMISSIONS WERE OPEN FOR 2 SECONDS BEFORE CLOSING Please don't hate me for what I'm about to say: but the moment I was about to open up commissions, some clients came right to me with large projects they want me to personally draw. These projects will take some time to do which means I will have v…

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* * * YCH Illustration VOTE and Lucid's Dream Comic * * *

Morning everyone! YCH Illustration and VOTE: Sadly, there will be NO YCH illustration this month. I have too much on my plate and I wont have any time to sketch out a large illustration for August's YCH auction. There will be one for the end of September and it will be HALLOWEEN themed! Now I'm a b…

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YCH Auction and other news

Hey everyone! The new YCH CHIBI AUCTION is now up: DRAGON'S COVE BUS STOP ( http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17129365/ ). There are 16 slots available, including one large slot for a dragon fursona. There are four slots dedicated to any type of dragon based species! Limited slots this time, so make…

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*** YCH, Commissions, Furnal Equinox and Sm4sh Tourney! ***

YCH FUTURE PLANS: My fourth and largest YCH image was completed today. A 24 hour project finally complete. A lot of clients were happy with the way the YCH images are turning out and how big they became. There will be another YCH auction next month. The theme: VIDEO GAME PARTY. I will post an annou…

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Seriously...MORE money issues.... TABARNAK!

So today, while Soryane was calling Canada about address change and other paperwork for our new apartment, we are labeled as COMMON-LAWS. There is good and bad news attached to that. The good news is that Canada sees us having a strong relationship and is allowing me to stay without issues. The bad…

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A word about COMMISSIONS and PORN!

Hello everyone! A quick moment of your time. For those who wish to commission me: I returned from WTFur Convention with a large list of commissions. My commission status is CLOSED for awhile. I wont be taking ANY commissions for a while until I finish my WTFur homework. So please bare with me. If y…

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We will be leaving soon to go to the WhatTheFur 2014 convention! We are all set and ready to head out! Here are a list of events and panels that either Soryane and I will be hosting and attending: Opening Ceremonies This is where it all officially begins. Friday - 17:00 - 1800 Main Events Hall Brad…

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You win some and you lose some.

Recently, I got my first PC computer from a friend. A powerful tank with a giant screen. Really amazing! My great friends Firebreath, Kryo-0r and my mate Soryane helped me fix the used system and add a few more treats to the system. They also showed me how to use it, what it has to offer, what to d…

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Due with a convention coming up next month and me needing to prepare for the con because I'm GOH, I was hoping to have a month to relax and try new techniques and ideas. But that is now out of the question. All in one day, combining Tax "return" ( since I'm not getting anything back -_- ), fees, bi…

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Greetings everyone, I wanted to post a journal with an update about whats going on. I've gotten over the illness that kept me exhausted and weak for almost a week and now I'm back on track with FE commissions. As you all know, I will be going to WHAT THE FUR convention at the end of May. I will be…

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Returned from Furnal Equinox 2014!

Arrived back home from FE 2014 around midnight last night. The trip back home took longer than the trip over there due to the sudden snow storm that hit us halfway. We are unpacking everything and getting ready to go back to our daily routine once again. FE was a good convention, hick-ups here and…

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Furnal Equinox SUPER SMASH BROTHERS BRAWL TOURNEY! Hey there! I just want to give everyone info on the small indie Brawl tourney that will be happening on FRIDAY NIGHT at Furnal Equinox convention. This will be a small tournament play, mostly for fun. There will be prizes to win from me: First Plac…

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Furnal Equinox Badge PRE-ORDERS OPEN

Hey everyone! I want everyone to know that I will be attending Furnal Equinox this year. I have a table right next to soryane and I will be selling some awesome Lucid's Dream merchandise, my old comic Concealment, artwork, commissions and badges! The theme for this years Furnal Equinox will be CIRC…

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A stampede heading towards Weasyl!

After so many posts and days, Im finally moved into Weasyl! However, I'm not sure if my timing was good or bad. I started to move in here when Weasyl was first starting out. I thought that this would be a good place to join as a backup just incase FurAffinity goes down. In a way, it worked as I got…

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Dumping art

Hey everyone, After the last incident with FurAffinity being offline for more than a week and the glitches that followed, I'm dumping what I have on FA onto here. I do plan to have an FA account, however, if FA goes down again, clients and friends can reach me here. Im sorry for the art dumpage, bu…

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My second account

Hey there. Been a while since I used Weasyl and now its a good time to start. This is a secondary place where I can store and submit my artwork/commissions while FurAffinity is down. DeviantArt is also my "secondary" account, however I don't really post that much on there. That site kind of died do…

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First Weasyl Entry

My mate Soryane invited me to Weasyl and Im still playing around with the figures and do-dads. Ill be uploading on this page as well as FA. When FA is down, at least I know a great website to turn to ^_^ Right now Im just uploading the pictures I feel are more powerful than others from 2010 and 201…