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Mr. Dubcat

Gabriel Perez / Male / Los Angeles, California

"Mr. Dubcat, where are you going!?"
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Quiet Comeback

So it's been a while since I come here. Well, come here and do more than look for activity and favorite stuff. I posted my return on DA yesterday, so I figure I do the same here to keep things consistent. Prepare yourself for an art dump later on!

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Old News

Sooooooo... I have an Instagram account. I've been there for a while now. Not only posting digital works but also traditional sketches and doodles from my sketchbooks. Come check it out! -

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One Little Question

So how would guys feel if I were to start a new art page, and leave this one for good? It's been something I've been thinking for a quite a while now.

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Dumb Thing To Say

How is it so hard to organize pictures from root onto created folders here? It was a time-consuming task to organize all of the pictures I had here.

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Plans for March?

Hello fellow deviants! As all you may already know, it is March (duh ƪ(ƪ꒪ৱ৹)ᵒʰ˵˵), but what many of you may not know is that on March 27th, 3 weeks from now, GToons-Inc will become 5 years old! So for this special occasion, this month, there will be... NOTHING! (゜。゜) That's exactly right, nothing.…

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GToons-Inc's Goretober: Pt. 2

In October 2016, I partook in the Goretober Challenge, 31 days of blood, gore, and pushing myself to draw the most "goretastic" pictures as possible! (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ While it was going fantastic, unfortunately, the overwhelming stress surrounding the final days of two of my cats (aforementioned in this jo…

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Where Have I've Gone

So I bet many of you for the last three weeks asked yourself one question... "What happened to GToons?" Well, it's a long story... A real long story. After submitting my last picture on May 31st, my attention became focused towards my 10th Grade finals. This is why I was unable to do my 5-day celeb…

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2016's Honorable Users

Like every year here in deviantART, There are always new friends and deviants that made an impact in my life, whatever it be of support or inspiration, so to continue the tradition, here are 2016's Honorable Deviants! SludgeyMonster (deviantART): With a surreal, abstract style mixed with cute monst…

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5 Years Later?

So before I begin the main topic of this journal, I want to say that the Goretober challenge was unsuccessful. Although we drew 20 different prompts, there was still 11 left to be drawn and unfortunately, we ran out of days and ultimately Goretober came to a screeching halt. Now, I know what you're…

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GToons and the Gooey, Gorey Dreams

Hello there. I bet you're wondering where I've been? Unfortunately, I underestimated how school would be this year, It has been very hard. With tons of schoolwork and homework dropping on the daily and included overthinking about some terrible things, I've become very stressed to the point where my…

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Open for Art Trades (CLOSED)

One of the many flaws of myself is the inability to keep promises made. In other words, that thing I said that I'd be making art on the Intous this month? Well, Drawing on a tablet is more harder than I thought. I decided I need more time to practice, I might start producing work maybe in February…

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2015 In Review

2015 has come to an end... A year full of new worlds, new friends, and new characters! And although some projects planned for the year never made it into tuition, so many new things were created! It was a year full of milestones, my art reaching a whole new quality, entirely new original characters…

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GToons? GTOONS!!

If you noticed in my new pictures, there's a watermark "GToons" down on the bottom. It's the name of my cartoons so people can identify my drawing faster.. Who made Key? GToons! Who made Twist the Cat? GToons! Who made Gale the Sergal? Trancy Mick made Sergals.. But I made Gale! Now that I said tha…

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2014 in Review + New Things for 2015

2014 was something different.. During Spring, I lost motivation and so I forced myself to draw something. It was terrible. Summer was somewhat a cool-down from the time. Finally Fall was boring. I didn't post here and I was too lazy to do anything. Maybe 2014 wasn't my best year, but I did make man…

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Twist's Tracks

What Is It? Let Me explain. On my deviantART, there was something called "Music of the Week" where I would show music to you. However, it never lasted long and there wasn't any good music on. So, I'm trying again. Twist's Tracks are a series of pictures with music recommended for you! I'm beginning…