Open for Art Trades (CLOSED) by Mr. Dubcat

One of the many flaws of myself is the inability to keep promises made. In other words, that thing I said that I'd be making art on the Intous this month? Well, Drawing on a tablet is more harder than I thought. I decided I need more time to practice, I might start producing work maybe in February or March or 2023, I don't know.

So, I'm going back to my roots and now releasing traditional artworks! But this isn't why I called you.

To further expand my art style and hopeless call for fame, I will be doing art trades! All this month (and maybe more)

So, if you want to art trade, just send a message and we'll begin!

Open for Art Trades (CLOSED)

Mr. Dubcat

16 January 2016 at 10:43:08 MST

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    I have one other that I still need to do first, but I would like to do a trade with you too if you want

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      I'd be down too! And I took 3 month or something for yours Noxid anyway, you don't owe me speed.

      Delay it as often as you wish lol.

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      Gotcha, when you're ready, call me!

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    If I may find my digital pen I would like to if can?

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      Of course!

      When you find your pen, contact me!