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I AM BACK!!!!!!!!

Took me a long hiatus from this website, BUT I AM BACK!!!! I will not be returning to DA, however. I only wanted to return here. :)

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Leaving Weasyl and deviantArt

Hey guys! I'll be leaving DA and weasyl soon~ I've been going back and forth between whether I've wanted to keep going with them for a while, and have finally decided that I want to limit the amount of art website accounts I have. For now, the only art website I'll be using is Fur Affinity, and als…

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OCTOBER!!!! Commissions! Inktober! HALLOWEEN!!

Hi guys!! HAPPY OCTOBER!!!! Okay, so not quite for a few more hours, but CLOSE ENOUGH FOR ME!! I'm super pumped for October!!! Planning to binge watch horror films, eat my weight in junk food, and positively soak myself in fall festivities! Just ordered the last pieces of my costume! Gonna be SCP-…

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hurricane irma

SO~ Spent the last several days preparing for Hurricane Irma. The storm will be arriving to my home this Sunday. As such, I probably won't get back to my projects and commissions until next week, after post-storm clean up. I will be safe, been through these before. However, i may be out of power fo…

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Update! 8 commission slots open!

Hi guys! Just a quick update regarding commissions! First off, commissions are still open! I have 8 slots currently available! Also, I put a bit more detail within the description of my Halloween Monster Commissions. Nothing major; it won't affect my current clients. I simply needed to make sure th…

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Hi guys! Commissions are open again! I have 10 slots open! I remade my price list, you can find it HERE: Also, $20 HALLOWEEN MONSTER COMMISSIONS ARE BACK!! "But, Kat! It's only August!" OH WELL. This month holds my birthday, and I'm super pumped for Octob…

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Going Away For Three Days

Hi, all~~ Letting y'all know that I'm going to be gone from Monday through Wednesday. Going on a mini vacation with my girlfriend :) For the folk who recently commissioned me, this will NOT affect your due dates! As for anyone who wishes to commission me during the next three days, please be patien…

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Updates! Commissions!

Hi guys! Opening commissions!! So, in my previous journal entry, I mentioned that I most likely wasn't going to open commissions until October, reasons being a job opportunity, opening an etsy, and one or two other reasons. Well, progress is a bit slow, so I thought I'd go ahead and open up my comm…

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Updates!!! Gosh!!!

Dang!!! Ah! So, it's been a little while since I've done much of anything regarding art. I had stumbled upon an awesome job opportunity and that's where I have been in the last three or four weeks. Not officially working this awesome job, but I did get to gain three weeks experience, and now I've a…

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Draw Drive for the Trevor Project

Draw Drive commissions are back! They'll be open for the rest of this month, and all throughout February! All Proceeds will go to The Trevor Project The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing life saving services for LGBTQ youth. The general theme of…

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Pushing Draw Drive to January 16

Hi guys! I'm pushing the Draw Drive to another week. I'll be taking new Draw Drives January 16th. The next charity I'll be donating to will be The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is an organization that provides crisis and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ youth. http://www.thetrevorproject.…

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All Commissions Slots Closed

Hi guys! Letting everyone know, all commission slots are closed for now! This includes Draw Drive, but only for a couple of days. I will be reopening Draw Drive Monday, January 9th. All other commissions will be closed for some time, about a month at the very longest. Happy New Years Everybody!

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Closing All Commissions December 30th

Hi guys! Happy holidays! Just making a general announcement that I'm going to be ending all commissions at the end of December. Originally I was going to close everything at the end of January, but i wish to give myself some time to set up for the new years~ The only project that will remain open i…

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Draw Drive is Open!

Opening up Draw Drive commissions! All Proceeds will go to FORGE FORGE is an anti-violence organization that provides direct services to transgender survivors of physical and sexual abuse. There has been a recent spike in the suicide rate for lgbt people, and with hate crimes being re-invigorated,…

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Charities Ahead! How is everybody?

First and foremost, how is everybody holding up? Is everybody safe and well? I most certainly hope so! I know many are depressed and terrified from recent events, and I can definitely relate. Tuesday evening was certainly an emotional tirade; many folks online were badly shaken, and the next mornin…