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Updates!!! Gosh!!! by LionsInCaffiene

Dang!!! Ah!

So, it's been a little while since I've done much of anything regarding art. I had stumbled upon an awesome job opportunity and that's where I have been in the last three or four weeks. Not officially working this awesome job, but I did get to gain three weeks experience, and now I've applied with a foot in the door! :D

The job was full time, and I've been used to part time, so that meant less time to work on my art, I haven't even really opened my computer very much in the last few weeks. D: So, when I do get this job permanently, I'm going to have to really work on my time management skills. :'D

So, once again I closed Draw Drive again, but only temporarily. I kind of want to give it a different approach; donating for several organizations at a time, more commission types, maybe different donation methods, that sort of thing. I'll make a new commission sheet specifically for those when I get the chance~

As for regular commissions, you most likely wont be seeing any more of those from me until October rolls around (sorry D: ), mostly because I really want to focus on getting my etsy set up (been trying to do so for a long while now), as well as making new art for a local art gallery I've been wanting to check out. I'll also be adding more things to my redbubble store very soon! ;)

Updates!!! Gosh!!!


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