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hurricane irma by LionsInCaffiene


Spent the last several days preparing for Hurricane Irma. The storm will be arriving to my home this Sunday. As such, I probably won't get back to my projects and commissions until next week, after post-storm clean up. I will be safe, been through these before. However, i may be out of power for a day or so. I'll update again when I'm back online.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to help storm efforts, Texas is still recovering, and southern Florida and the keys will need a hand as well, they're going to get loads of damage. However, those who will need the most help are in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Islands are completely devastated, and are now in line for another blast from Hurricane José. A ridiculous amount of damage has left most in these areas homeless, and the death count has breached twenty last I heard. If anyone is willing to donate, these are the people who will need the most help! So, please, donate if you can!

A couple of links regarding Caribbean damage:

Here are a few links with lists of places to donate and volunteer. Be aware, there is warning against donating to Red Cross, you can learn about that here:

Donation Recources:

hurricane irma


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