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Repopulating my Gallery

I'm going to be reuploading my old NSFW stories, including the fetish stuff. Currently they're already up on my website at in text form, but if you prefer the PDF view then you'll be able to get that here. I will be branching out to other sites to host my writing, a list of whic…

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Deleting My Gallery

That got your attention, didn't it? I'm not going to delete my entire gallery, just the stuff I'm no longer comfortable being associated with me. The whitelist: Pack Street Stories Apartment Layout Sketch Vera HISS drawing On Trial for Being Thirsty Bugging Out in a Hurry In one week on Sunday Octo…

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Deleted Drawings

I decided to remove four of my drawings from my gallery. They were VERY low quality, so I don't think anyone will miss them but I should at least explain why I did it. As part of my newfound desire to get into visual art, I've had to grapple with the harsh truth that I'm very, very bad at it. I've…

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Why I used to hate Drawing

In the description of my most recent submission (the Vera T-shirt sketch), I mentioned that it was the first time in my life I had ever enjoyed drawing. I had wanted go to into more detail as to why I used to hate it, but I didn't want to write a long story in the description. This journal has that…