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Celine Kalante Love & Friends / Girly / New Mexico, USA

"You're alive," said the Maker, and smiled at the aardvark.
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(Dan Forden voice) Posty!

I moved my main operations over to Weasyl, what, four years ago? Give or take? And I haven't really looked back on any of my other sites since, with the exception of some behind the scenes stuff. (Quietly using FA notes to commission people, etc. Lurking, basically.) PostyBirb is now a thing, thoug…

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Check out our ref sheets on RefSheet! This is a really neat site for keeping one's characters and character info organized! I could see myself using this a lot for commissions, but also just as a useful FYI tool for anyone wanting to know more about us. The "Characters" tab on my Weasyl gallery may slowly s…

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Journal update

I haven't posted a journal entry here in forever. May as well give an update to get the old one off the profile page, yeah? If you're just absolutely dying to read more of my blogging, you can check out my Dreamwidth I guess. It's mostly just random fluff and gameblogging, so, you know, only if you…

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Gender stuff update

I've been thinking about this particular milestone for a while now, and the big announcement and everything that would come with it, but now here we are and I feel like half of it I've been leaking out for months already and I have no idea what to say about the other half. But hey, the theme of tod…

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FA-POCALYPSE (nine-teen-nine-ty-two)

Good heavens, my inbox exploded over the last couple weeks. GOSH, WHAT COULD HAVE CAUSED THAT I WONDER. I guess I should just put out a blanket welcome and/or welcome back to all FA refugees, be they newcomers or "I got an account to squat on it years ago but given recent circumstances maybe I shou…

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Thank you

I just wanted to make this update to say 1) I'm okay and 2) that is entirely thanks to you. I have amazing friends. Thanks to your support, I'm already much closer to being okay than I ever expected to be mere days after the breakup, whereas I'm pretty sure I'd have been lost entirely without your…

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Relationship update

ZoeyHoshi and I broke up. Ultimately no one was at fault; it was just one of those things. It was amicable, though the "we're still friends" part will have to wait until I'm a little stronger--right now seeing her name in just about any context hurts too much. Maybe someday. I'll be okay. I neither…

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RF update, now with schedule! Note that this thing doesn't appear to have a "maybe" function. This list has some things I'm on the fence about in a "well it doesn't overlap with anything and I'm vaguely curious, unless my friends want to hang out/go out for food/etc. then we can do that" sort of…

Kjorteo’s avatar BudgieBin made me a webpage!

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Character bio splits

I decided to update my character bios, and to split them into two versions. I got tired of the whole question of wanting to share information about their sexuality and such because it is part of their character, yet balancing that with "should I really be this graphic in a character bio?" So now I'…

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R.I.P. Doug Winger

Old guard furry artist Doug Winger passed away this morning. I'm guessing lots of people my age and up probably knew who he was already, some of the newer younger crowd might not have, that's how these things go I guess. Gather around kids old grandpa Teo has a story for you Suffice it to say that…

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WOTA2 and Rainfurrest--The Latest

As the time slowly draws nearer, plans are starting to come together, and I couldn't be more excited! Everyone's travel arrangements and such appear to have worked out after all, so I am pleased to announce that I will be attending Rainfurrest this year. I will be rooming with ZoeyHoshi and StokerB…

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Collection mirrors and mini art-dumps

Ever since joining Weasyl, I've been Collecting whatever gift/commission art I get and calling it good enough. It's easier than reposting it myself, and I am lazy. I should probably get around to actually posting this stuff, though. By now I have a bit of a backlog of it built up, but I'll probably…

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WOTA2 delay, tentative convention plans

Right, so, it turns out that Will of the Alpha 2 (the upcoming furry adult M/M BDSM anthology which will include a new story from me :D) has been delayed for two months. The original plan was to get it published and released by Anthrocon, but that timetable ended up not being feasible for several r…

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The Afflicted 1.55 PWYW, 2.0 forthcoming maybe someday

At the advice of my aunt (a very successful published career author), I have been working on a major overhaul, if not almost complete rewrite of The Afflicted. It's such a big project that it's taking me several months per each character's segment--in fact, she gave me the line-by-line feedback fro…

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Life update

I haven't written any substantive updates on what I've been up to for a while, mostly because I've been too wrapped up in events to find the time to write about them. However, I think now is a good time to make an update. ZoeyHoshi flew in to visit and live with me for a little over a month, starti…

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Teo at Furpocalypse

I am going to be at Furpocalypse! I will be hosting a panel with miscellaneous writing and editing tips on Sunday, from 1 PM to 2 PM, in Coach. For the rest of the time, I will be flying around the convention in general, attending panels, buying art, hanging out, and stuff like that. I will be with…

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Migration complete! Onward!

Sorry for the periodic spamming; I had my entire Fur Affinity gallery (galleries, actually; I put everything in my FA by-me and for-me accounts into one Weasyl account because FOLDERS) to move over here, so I was working on it in chunks of 20 or so at a time. I am pleased to announce that I have ju…