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Kipper0308 / 30 / Female

Be Honest, Be Kind, Be the Best you can Be.
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Updating weasyl again! Also I'm trans!

Whoa hey y’all, Kipper here! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this in earnest but ya know. I just got back from TFF this past weekend and it was such a good good experience. I got to be publicly out so to speak, presenting female. Spoilers it kicked a lot of ass that o kinda asked myself like..…

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I'm looking to commission some ponies!! Here are my pony babs ;w; I'm looking to get so…

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Request Journal!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to say howdy doo and hello! I don't draw that much but I'm trying to get my jazz better so like, comment with a ref! :B I'll do some headshots today! I'm only gonna take about four or five, so comment with a visual ref please! SIMPLER THE BETTER because I'm not that supe…

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Pokemon Y Reboot! (Fun Rules for Playing!!)

WELL I got bored the other day and because I didn't want to wait for Pokemon bank I decided to trade all my stuff over to X version then restarted! I was really inspired after watching Jwittz' pokeplay so I was like, oh that seems like a really fun idea. So I'm a real huge fan of the exp. share. RE…

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uploading stuff?

OKAY SO if I read correctly, I am allowed to reupload stuff that's been done for me as long as I've gotten consent to repost stuff? THIS HAS BEEN LIKE the one thing inhibiting me being active here because it looks like that's ~frowned upon~ or something, so I'm just double checking to make sure. SO…

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Hey there again!

Hey all, I'm gonna be uploading junk to weasyl now! So like STAY TUNED AND JUNK. uh. Are there any artists over here I should be keepin' an eye on? I really would like to find some more reasons to keep me busy so I can stay active on this website.

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Anyone want a Weasyl Banner?

So for some warmups for photoshop I'd like to make some of you guys weasyl banners! All I would need is some art (preferably transparent PNG files if you wanted something better), but leave a comment if you're interested!