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Pokemon Y Reboot! (Fun Rules for Playing!!) by Kipper0308

WELL I got bored the other day and because I didn't want to wait for Pokemon bank I decided to trade all my stuff over to X version then restarted! I was really inspired after watching Jwittz' pokeplay so I was like, oh that seems like a really fun idea.

So I'm a real huge fan of the exp. share. REAL huge fan. I love that training isn't overly tedious anymore and I can easily have a super diverse party. For my playthrough, i've set the following rules~:

Level Cap Clause: The pokemon in my party cannot be higher leveled then the next current gym leader's strongest pokemon. IE, Grant's highest level is 25, so until I beat him none of my pokemon may surpass level 25. This forces me to spread my team a bit thinner (but with the EXP share, by the time I reach the elite four I'll still be higher leveled depending on how many I choose to use), but it forces me to use pokemon that I may have never considered before!

Faint Clause (From Nuzlocke): This balances out the level cap clause. If a pokemon faints, It goes into the PC box and IS NEVER USED AGAIN for the duration of the story play through. I'm not ballsy so I'm not gonna do the right Nuzlocke way and release the pokemon, but I can make a box of "unplayables".

No Pokemon Amie Clause: Goes without saying! It's a great game mechanic and a time consuming one, but since pokemon amie provides for stronger experience gains etc, I will not be using anything but the EXP Share.

Classic EV Clause: Only classic EV training! I can use the Super Training window to monitor what my EVs are, but I cannot do Super Training itself until story mode is played through. GONNA BE GROWING MUTATED BERRIES AND HORDE BATTLES AW YEAH

O-Power Clause: I want to try to use O-Powers, since it's a mechanic I'm not really used to, but given my stances on Pokemon Amie for this playthrough I also wanna make things a bit difficult. Since my trainer is male and I've already got the amulet coin, I don't really need bargain power. I think i'm gonna restrict O-powers to just Encounter, Stealth, and Capture. I don't really use the other ones anyway.

ANNNNND that's it :D I wish there was a way for me to record on MY DS without having to buy one or send it off, but that's okay with me so far! If anyone wants to know what I'm doing, I'll update as I go a long~~

Pokemon Y Reboot! (Fun Rules for Playing!!)


22 December 2013 at 21:11:19 MST

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    I have done that several times with my x game. All pokes to the y game and just replying the x game. ^^