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Howdy! I'm Kipper, welcome to my page!

I'm a graphic artist and 3D modeler; I have an associates in 3D Animation and Game Programming. Many of the works pictured in this gallery are commissions so just pay attention to the artist comment on each submission for due credits to the creator of the work or myself. I'm also a Twitch Streamer [link] but go ahead and follow me on twitter @Kipper0308! Most of the updates I do to my life and streaming happen there. Thanks again for stopping by~

trans | she/her | 28 | Taken | Princess

The snippet of Kipper in my banner was made by Squeedgemonster, however, I made the banner myself.

Latest Journal

Updating weasyl again! Also I'm trans!

Whoa hey y’all, Kipper here!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this in earnest but ya know. I just got back from TFF this past weekend and it was such a good good experience. I got to be publicly out so to speak, presenting female. Spoilers it kicked a lot of ass that o kinda asked myself like...ok, this is the time we accept it yeah? So that’s what I did. It’s been this way for a while already how o presented myself female online and with my characters and such; it’s not that much of a reach to believe it especially if you knew me super well but: bottom line is yes, I am transgender. I would humbly ask you to use she/her pronouns for me (which most of you do anyway???) and yeah, thanks to my wonderful partner in particular for being my rock always. Love ya!

I’ve also beeeen way more active on twitter btw. @Kipper0308 there!

Also, as an extra bit here I'm also going to be updating this gallery more, it's been a while but I want to really get stuff uploaded so I have a decent amount of backups.

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    Case of being in the right place at the right time, on my part! I intend to take very good care of her.

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    Thanks for the watch moo :)

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    Thank you so much for the favourite! My first fave on Weasyl! (/• U •)/ **throws confetti** <333

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    I really do love your icon

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    sends you pug love and kisses.

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    squeedemonster is my favorite artist

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    we're bad furries

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    Thanks for following me! :D