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Kiki Foxkitty

Dreamsicle Pony / 36 / Whatever / Georgia

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That Meme everyone does...

What's your real name? Chris Names you go by? Mr. Chris, Kiki, Dreamsicle How old are you? 28 How old do you feel/act? Anywhere from early 20s to early 40s depending on mood and body condition. How tall are you? About 6'2" What's your natural hair color? Blonde? I keep it bald most times nowadays.…

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Weasyl: Initial Thoughts and Critiques

Well, trying out Weasyl for a few. Here's my thoughts so far. Again, all reflecting my personal tastes so don't get too riled about it. The good... Fullsize uploads without special tricks: Much like InkBunny, all you need to do to see the fullsize is click another button. Although I'd like to be ab…