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Opening 6 slots of PPM-style commissions tonight

Hi guys, hope you're all doing well ;w; Just as a heads up, I'm going to be opening up 6 slots of PPM-style commissions when I get back from my closing shift tonight. If you're unfamiliar with my work on PPM (NSFW) (anything with my signature on it starting on that page), basically it means you're…

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I'm having a bad day.

This morning I managed to accidentally delete my whole art WIP folder, which included some lovely YCH sketches and a FINISHED twin keldeocest picture which was going to be part of a larger NSFW pokemon portfolio to sell. I'M REALLY SAD ABOUT IT. I'M SURE SOME OF YOU CAN RELATE, what's the worst thi…

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First off, welcome to my new followers, where are you coming from??? Thank you! As the title says I am opening for ONE experimental slot for this commission! This means that I've never offered this type of commission before, so I am trying it out once before I decide to open up for any more. This t…

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Wow a lot of people have been flooding here from FA? That is nice to see TL;DR (I am sick and should be getting to bed) I am kind of sick of FA's shit and I'm going to become more active here. I've always had awkward footing on this site but I'm hoping new users here will breathe some life into it.…

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Updated Commission Info!

Hey guys! This morning I made a few changes to my commission price sheet: • There are updated prices! I tried to make this price hike as small as possible for those of you who still would like to take advantage of my early rates. They won't stay like this permanently, so if you don't want to hold y…

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Gone for a week! Back WED 4/17

Hey guys! Tomorrow I'm leaving for a week and I don't know what my internet situation will be like. Just a heads up for if you contact me about anything and I don't answer. :P See y'all later! <3 Jelly

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Hello and welcome! :3

Jelly here, Hey guys! Since I'm still new here, I figure a quick introduction is in order. (: I'm a 22 year old artist and I do this art in my spare time (that is, in-between other art/life/work/etc.). I've been drawing and posting my art online for a while but haven't really posted much of my furr…