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Jelly // 23 // female/neutral pronouns please!



Welcome and thank you for looking at my work! <3 I draw lots of Pokémon, good ol' furries, and sometimes Homestuck.
My work is mostly NSFW though I would like to do more SFW pieces.

You can find me by the same name on other websites.
I also mod & draw for Poke-Porn Masters, though we are currently taking a break!

I have depression and I can be very self-conscious/shy, so don't take it personally if I don't reply promptly or often. I am most likely not feeling well enough to chat at the moment!

Animals of significance to me include:
dragons • felines • lions • deer • coyotes • bears

Latest Journal

Opening 6 slots of PPM-style commissions tonight

Hi guys, hope you're all doing well ;w;

Just as a heads up, I'm going to be opening up 6 slots of PPM-style commissions when I get back from my closing shift tonight.

If you're unfamiliar with my work on PPM (NSFW) (anything with my signature on it starting on that page), basically it means you're getting a cel-shaded piece in that style! Usually PPM requests are PKMN only, and pokemon are certainly still welcome, but since these are commissions I am happy to draw your own characters, even if they are not pokemon. UwU

We'll see how this goes! I'll open them tonight; tomorrow I'm going to be away from the computer all night, so I'll be replying and confirming slots about 24 hours later.

I'll see you guys tonight with more details ;w;

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Livestream Commissions

$ 20.00

About livestream commissions: I will announce streams beforehand, usually up to a day in advance. Slots are offered first-come-first-serve, and payment must be ready when you claim your slot.


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    Oops, it wasn't you that watched me! Sorry! Still, amazing stuff! >///<

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      I know this reply is hella late (kinda in limbo on this account!) but DANG thank you, I really appreciate this! ;3;

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    Hi, thank you a whole lot for watching, you draw amazing stuff! >3

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    Whoa wow whoa you're like my favorite artist ;w;

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      BLUSH!!!! that is impossible cause U are MY favorite artist!

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    Thanks for watchin'!