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Ishaway / Female / East Coast USA

Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed


April Commission form open!

FWA and BLFC Badge preorders open!

Form commissions close Thursday!

March Commissions are open

Anthro Con Badge Preorders OPEN


Fursona Con || Fall Projects

UV Badge Opening

Jammie Jam commissions open!

Back from AC

Anthro Con Badge Preorders are go!

Back from FWA, online shops updated

Watercolor Panel

Further Confusion

Inktober 2016


The fall and FurPoc

Back from AC

AC and Badge Preorders

FWA is coming... memer thing

Inktober 2015 Art Book - Kickstarter

Travel and Conventions | FC and ANE


UV Reactive badges OPEN

Storenvy and conventions

Back from FurPoc

Home and tired... also telegram

FA:United Con meme thang

FA:United Preorders!

FA:United pre orders (straw poll)

In need of some guinea pigs [chance for free art]

Free Form Badge Commissions open

Bronze Artist - Info and Slots Open

Anthro con Report | and FA:U

Iron/Bronze Artist? -gauging interest-

Sketch Pages Open

Watercolor Sketches (5 slots) or Vector icons

Storenvy - Open

FWA Badge Preorders!

Etsy Coupon - Expires Feb 22nd

Etsy store update - and travel plans

Mystery Doodle Pages

Swiggity swag, what's in the bag?

Sketch Commissions Open [5 Slots]

Back from FC

FC Meme thing

Warning: Upload dump incoming


Horizon 2015.... and FC

Freebie sketches mebbe?

Commission slots opening – taking an interest poll

Surrealist watercolors?

Neko Con and Beyond!

Life... maybe life?

Anthro Con Report

Going to Anthro Con? Need a place to bed down?

Anthro Con Badge Pre-orders end Monday, June 23rd

AC Meme

Watercolor Painting Commissions

Anyone intrested in a $25 sketch?

Tiny Badges Slots open

Digital Icons -- $10

Pin up commissions open! Species discount available! 3/3 slots open!

Rainy day...

Society6 sale


At Home Con!

Anyone intrested in TINY BADGES??


Button packs and grab bags!

Scratch board?

Index Card sketches, no ship sketches, & PWYW sketch Commissions

Sketch Commissions, gauging interest

Commission Are Open


Sigil is doing this art thang

I am here :>