FC Meme thing by Ishaway

This is something the kids do right? This is my first time attending this convention... thus should be funnnn


Relationship Status

How old are you?

How tall are you?
Short. Very short.

Are you an Artist?
Yes I am

Do you have an artist table?
I will be assisting at table -checks- 48 I think

What will you be offering at your table?
Since I am assisting I am only taking sketches at this con. Graphite, graphite and white on toned paper, and watercolor sketches :> And $5 index card sketches
Mebbe sketch badges.

Do you take commissions?
At con yes, and I may also do some take homes.

Do you do trades?
At doodle parties maybe.

Are you a Fursuiter?
-shakes head-

Attending parties?
Doodle parties.

Do you drink?

Can I buy you a drink?

Do you smoke?
-shakes head-

Are you attending any panels?
What are these panels you speak of?

How do I identify my self to you?
Say hi! If i have seen you I should recognize you, if not I am ok with names/handles.

Rules of engagement (physical contact)?
Please do not glomp or surprise hug me. I know I am small, but seriously, being lifted from behind in a well meant bear hug is not so fun.
Hand shakes are fine... if you are clean.

How can I find you?
I will be at a table working.
If you are looking to meet up with me somewhere, Twitter is good. I am @ishaway

Can I talk to you?
Sure! I am not scary (i think)
I may not look at you if I am working, but I will listen and respond.

Can I give you lots of money?
Yes. Input money, wait, receive art.
If you just wanna throw money at me.... welllll

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Hahahahahahahhahaha no

Can I hang out with you?
If by hang you mean sit near me in the Zoo type space and talk sure.
If by hang you mean follow me to my room, no.

Can I take your picture?
Please ask. Please ask. Please ask.
Also please do not tag me if you post it to places like Facebook. Facebook doesnt need to know where I have been.

How do I know if you're not looking to socialize (angry, busy or upset)?
-shrug- Social queues? I will most likely say something.

What's your goal for the con this year?
First time con? Have fun? Make stuff? Idk

FC Meme thing


6 January 2015 at 09:07:27 MST

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