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Idris21 / Male / Colorado, USA

I'm the red draggy! Hugs and Rawrs all round! ^.=.^
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All my ref sheets are completed! ^.=.^

I am so relieved and proud of myself that I finally got all of them done. All 15 ref sheets are done and now everyone can learn fully what me and my characters are like. I might redo some of the earlier ones to match the later ones because the style kinda changed as they went on. Like text, line we…

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So close~! ^.=.^

I've been working on my character ref sheets since the start of new year~ And I mean that. The first ref sheet I did (me duh~) was literally submitted on FA on January 1st. And I've been doing refs for all my characters ever since. Along with little pieces of art here and there. But I'm almost ther…

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Rest of the gang!

Heya, hi and hello~! Just a tad bit of an update~ I'll be working on the rest of my characters' ref sheets today and hopefully will actually get them uploaded to the characters section. Let's see... There's 6 there now so... I only need to do 9 more! ^.=.^ For those who know me on FA, you'll know I…

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Skype is gone~ Steam is now!

I'm no longer going to be on skype anymore. I've had countless problems with it and am getting rid of it for good. Those of you (there were only like... 7 or 8) who have me on yours, remove me because I'm no longer there. I'm now going to be on steam and use that as my messenger. I'm also going to…

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Beyond the free time lies opportunities

I'm going to have more free time, now that I'm done working with the current Skype requests~ But before I open up again for requests, I'm going to be working on other little draggy things. Like, ref sheets, Valentines art, music and other things. I mean, yah I have regular irl stuff to attend to bu…

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Little more about the red draggy~

Hey there~! I got inspired to write a journal that will explain a little more about me and will permanently on my front page. Just so you furs know more 'bout lil old me~ What I love the most Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Capsule (Awesome Jpop Groups by the amazing Yasutaka Nakata) Drawing! 9 time…