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Skype is gone~ Steam is now! by Idris21

I'm no longer going to be on skype anymore. I've had countless problems with it and am getting rid of it for good. Those of you (there were only like... 7 or 8) who have me on yours, remove me because I'm no longer there. I'm now going to be on steam and use that as my messenger. I'm also going to be on facebook more. So if you don't have steam or aren't that active, you can find me on facebook~ This is easier since I use my android for almost everything and the steam app is super reliable! So please, remove me from skype and add me to your steam. Except the ones who already have me there~ ^.=.^ And when you add me there, same rules for that as was with skype~ I'm usually quiet until I'm talked to. Then I never shut up~ :)

Have a great day! Or night... Depending on your timezone! ^.=.^

Skype is gone~ Steam is now!


6 April 2014 at 16:45:13 MDT

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    what was wrong with it?

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      Oh, sometimes it wouldn't let me log in and then there were times when I'd log out and it would say I was still online. What really annoyed me though is that when I was online, most of the time my messages wouldn't get through to others. I felt like I was letting people down because of this and decided to move to steam and facebook. And so far so good~ ^.=.^

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      huggles tightly and rawrs Rawr!