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Little more about the red draggy~ by Idris21

Hey there~! I got inspired to write a journal that will explain a little more about me and will permanently on my front page. Just so you furs know more 'bout lil old me~

What I love the most

Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Capsule (Awesome Jpop Groups by the amazing Yasutaka Nakata)
Drawing! 9 times out of 10 I'm always drawing~
Red, Black, Green and light Blue
Super bright neon colours
Cuddles and Snuggles
Oranges, Mangos, Peaches, Grapefruit and anything citrus like!
Sweets, White Chocolate, Caramel and Red Velvet cookies, Red Velvet cake, Red Velvet ice cream and Red Velvet cupcakes!
Talking! Once I get to know someone, I never shut up. ^^; I listen too~
Helping others feel better. If I can help, I can and will.
Vocaloid and UTAU. I mean, Duh~
Music! I have headphones on me all the time. Usually with really fast paced music on as well.
Dragons in all their Dragonliness~ Make me melt why don't you??? Lol
Paws~ Can't get enough. :D
Soft vore~ Mmmmmmm
Macro things~ Hehehe!
Cute things, beautiful things and things that make you go omg~ (whatever that means)
Laser Tag! Omigosh. I've only done it once but wow! It was so much fun!
FL Studio and SAI
Walking, Hiking and going outside
Video Games! (Mainly Platformers, Strategy, Time Management and Rpgs)
Japan! I'd love to go someday... Over the rainbow~ Lol
And more I can't think of~

What I can't stand

Judgemental people
People who think they're better than others
Skype Groups (I can't deal with more than one person. I prefer to talk to 1 person at a time. I'm not shy, I just feel pressured in groups)
People who don't listen
Inconsiderate people
If I think of any more things, I'll add them.

Happy things I'm all about

First off, I'm a happy Christian! I'm religious and happy~
I'm British and proud of my heritage! I have a British/German and Irish background.
I love helping others. I may not be able to do much but I can always lend an ear.
I love doing request art and art trades. Both Digital and Traditional~
I will make friends with just about anyone. No matter who they are or what they like~
I am a completely open book. I've been back stabbed so I never want to judge anyone else ever.
I'm very social but I'm quiet most of the time. I wait to be talked to. Then I never shut up~
I rp quite a lot. And I will always respect those of you who don't. smiles and gives everyone cookies
I sing quite often and when I'm alone, I dance around like a crazed draggy. Lol
I will always answer every question asked honestly and happily.
If I have a problem with someone, I will always address it. But I hardly ever have problems.
And I will always be there for my friends~

I think that's about it~ That all about sums me up. :3 And this is probably the longest journal I've ever written. But since it's more like a link for what I'm like, it makes total sense~

Have a fantastic day! Or fantastic night~ Depending on your timezone! ;D

Little more about the red draggy~


5 February 2014 at 19:12:27 MST

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