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A tiny PSA

Please don't take it personally if I don't accept your friend request. If we've literally just met for the first time ever it's kind of presumptuous!

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How are y'all doing?

I've still got a bunch of commissions to finish, following up on the hiccups of last month, but things are going pretty great now and it wont be long before I get back to all of the things I've been meaning to do but it's been a long time since I've said much of anything on here to anyone, so HEY w…

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well hot damn

didnt even realize you could post things as a character ref specifically, GUESS I'VE GOT SOME REUPLOADING TO DO

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a reminder

if you need to yell at me in a timely fashion/have somewhere else to find me or you just want to laugh at dumb pictures on the internet I've always got a tumblr http://yenadudebooghostchan.tumblr.com/

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hahaha okay weasyl

apparently you can turn off all forms of incoming communication on this site so someone can turn off their private messages and shouts, AND THEN SEND YOU PRIVATE MESSAGES AND/OR SHOUTS that you cant respond to in any way so I guess what I'm saying is TO THE GUY THAT SENT ME A PM MAYBE YOU SHOULD TU…

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ew gross

that journal filled with FEELINGS was sitting there for months AND NOW I'VE FIXED IT so hey what's up with you guys

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so yeah I've slowed down a LOT over the past few months I know, I pretty much hate to keep anyone waiting (especially when they're things I really wanna do) A lot of longstanding issues have been plaguing me for quite a while, the biggest of which being complications with a prescription thing (noth…

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You know what I love most about weasyl?

the fact that I can come back to it after a day and not have 30+ journals I'm never going to read that is the best thing now I can actually keep up with that shit

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Time to talk about myself for no raisin

What's your real name? Kaylan I'm kind of surprised there are still people that dont know what gender I am How tall are you? idk like 5'7ish maybe, all I know is that everyone is taller than me What's your natural hair color? black What's your eye color? brown What's your orientation? I dont really…

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So collections I guess

I'm still not 100% on how they work but I've got it for the most part, soooo if I've got something you want in a collection then lemme know

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Oh boy here we go

Didnt know weasyl supported animated gifs for banners this changes EVERYTHING

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eh, screw it

I really dont feel like managing two seperate accounts on two different sites I'm just gonna post junk from my generally sfw one here no one ever looks at that one anyway 9u 9

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okay okay, I'll finish uploading a few things tomorrow

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where did all those watches come from??

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I guess I should actually start uploading things over here

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I'm gonna hold of on reposting things for now because that will seriously flood the shit out of things haha