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2016 and my Life So Far

2016 has been a boring year for me despite everything that has happened. I graduated high school, I got my driver's license, and I turned 18 in July which means I'm not a minor anymore. These are things I should be proud of, but me not having much faith in the school system made my graduation feel…

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Help the Bees Pins!

Mothmonarch has "bee yourself" pins for pre-order! 25% per pin is going towards helping save bees, so these would be great to get! Bees are considered endangered now, and they're the main pollinators. If they go extinct, many of the produce we eat will go with them! Here's a link to them: https://w…

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2,300 Pageviews Kiriban!

I decided to set a kiriban at 2,300 pageviews! To get it, take a screenshot and link it either here or on the reminder. Your kiriban can be one of any of these: Colored sketch, flat color with a basic or transparent background, shaded with a basic or transparent background, icon, or badge. One char…

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A New Chapter of My Life

Well, I graduated from high school two days ago. I'm really glad to be away from the public school system and all its bullshit, but I'm also saddened that it's all over since my high school experience can be described in two words: missed opportunities. My grades don't concern me too much, I plan o…

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1 Year From Yesterday, My DeviantART Retrospective

I forgot to write this yesterday, so I'm writing it today. November 27, 2015, I would have had my deviantART account for four years yesterday. I don't feel anymore "homesickness", but sometimes I think back on all the people that I left behind and wonder how they are. It's not on my head all the ti…

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Forgot to make a journal about this

I deactivated my deviantART account two days ago; I'm fed up with the shitty mods and the shitty way they handle art theft, allowing it. I'm gonna be much more active here now that I finally left for good.