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2016 and my Life So Far by Glaringfeline

2016 has been a boring year for me despite everything that has happened. I graduated high school, I got my driver's license, and I turned 18 in July which means I'm not a minor anymore. These are things I should be proud of, but me not having much faith in the school system made my graduation feel less like an achievement and more like a relief to be out of the U.S public school system. Even though I have my driver's license now, I have only driven by myself one time.

The only thing that hasn't disappointed me was turning 18; I've loathed being a minor for years because I always felt I had less rights because I wasn't 18. About a year or two ago I tried to get a library card and I couldn't get one because a parent wasn't there to sign off on the paper. Last year at the anime convention I go to annually, I broke down in tears because every panel I wanted to go to was 18+ and it made me feel really excluded. I feel like this was the most ridiculous and ageist thing to ever happen to me, I was in the grocery store a few months ago and I wanted a free sample of some cheese and the woman giving the samples out would not give me one until my older sister came over and told her it was okay. I already felt like I had very minuscule rights over my body, and that woman only confirmed that notion. Turning 18 felt like shackles were taken off and that I was finally free. I was finally given the freedom to make my own choices (consent to sex, make my own medical decisions without parental approval, etc), and the only thing I feel excluded from now is drinking (crossing my fingers for the minimum drinking age to get dropped, but it probably won't happen).

I'm hoping 2017 will be more exciting for me, and that less of the greats will die next year (We must protect Betty White, Patrick Stewart, Meat Loaf, and the rest of the greats. The curse of 2016 took too many amazing people from us. >:C )

2016 was an incredible year for memes though, and I'm looking forward to 2017 being just as dank.

2016 and my Life So Far


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