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A New Chapter of My Life by Glaringfeline

Well, I graduated from high school two days ago. I'm really glad to be away from the public school system and all its bullshit, but I'm also saddened that it's all over since my high school experience can be described in two words: missed opportunities. My grades don't concern me too much, I plan on attending a community college when I build up the funds to take care of textbooks and a few months to a year's worth of tuition payments.

I also have a lot of art-related personal stuff I need to do. I can't really say it's "work" because it's not work if you enjoy doing it, it's just stuff that's been sitting dormant that I haven't finished because of an art block I can never seem to shake for good.

In the coming years of my life, I'm taking some risks and not letting good chances slip away from me. I'm tired of watching my own life from the sidelines.

A New Chapter of My Life


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