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FurSquared 2017 Meme

Where are you staying? The main hotel. What day are you getting there? Thursday Evening. How are you traveling? I am flying in from Philly. How is the best way to find you? Look for the guy dressed up as a White Mage. :-) Are there any panels you might be attending? If I can, I'll be attending: How…

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Get to Know Me Meme

What's your real name? Just call me Doug. Telemarketers and job recruiters call me "Douglas". How tall are you? 5'10". What's your natural hair color? Brown. Not that you'd notice, since I shave my head. What's your eye color? Also brown. Not that you'd notice, since I shave my eyeballs. What's you…

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Updated contact info

Just updated the contact info on my profile page. It turns out that you shouldn't specify the full URL, just your username. For example, on Facebook I'm http://www.facebook.com/dmuth. But here I only needed to enter "dmuth", and Weasyl filled in the rest of the URL automatically. That's possibly a…

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First Journal Entry

Since I'm stuck at home with this hurricane, I decided to join Weasyl and give the system a quick spin. I noticed a few technical issues and concerns with the site, but I'm not sure I want to report them in this post. If anyone can suggest to me the most appropriate channel to report them to, I'd a…