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that fuzzi mutt / 36 / Female / Under your bed.

Up all night to get fluffy.
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Fuzzi Status, June 2019 (Commissions Soon!)

Uhhhh, hi. Trying my best to get back to regular updates. A lot has happened, as usual. A status update for anyone wondering; but also future plans. Where DA HECK YOU BEEN?!• I had a physically and emotionally taxing job! Boy did I whine about it alot! I liked the work, but couldn't sustain a job t…

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Furry Weekend Atlanta 2019

Almost forgot again. XD clears the cobwebs I'll be in the Dealer's Den at Furry Weekend Atlanta this weekend! I have mostly plush props this time thanks to some production hiccups... but more merch might appear! Come find me [ handy MAP], I'm hiding in the back. See you there!

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Things looking a bit bleh. (Also Patreon...?)

(crossposted and edited accordingly) News and Updates Hi. I accidentally skipped an update here so this one seems out of nowhere. XD But there's some important stuff. Things are weird. FuzziMutt business (plush stuff) is doing pretty great and I'm pretty proud, but I'm running into a few issues...…

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Post FWA Report thingy!

♥ deviantART | Furaffinity | Facebook | Twitter | art tumblr | plush tumblr ♥ (cossposted from dA, edited accordingly) News and Updates Howdy! This journal is mostly for a post-con report, so I'll save the meat for that part. TL;DR is that it went mind-blowingly well, tho! :D For some actual news,…

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Oh right, Weasyl + See you at FWA?

♥ deviantART | Furaffinity | art tumblr | plush tumblr ♥ ... I forgot Weasyl again, haha. Hi to new followers, tho! As I usually reiterate, I'm far more active on dA and FA (links above... and often plastered everywhere). But I guess I do remember to post any artstuffs I'm particularly excited to s…

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Oops... herro. XD

♥ deviantART | Furaffinity | art tumblr | plush tumblr ♥ Uhhh............. Hi! Long time no see! XD Hi to any new followers/watchers... Admittedly I'm far more active on my DeviantArt, but I legit haven't had much to post, non-craft wise. ._. I am trying to resolve this by arting more, but times ha…

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TMI Tuesday? XD [ask me stuff]

I've never tried one because I didn't think anyone would bite? X3 Okay, okay... NEAR-TMI Tuesday. There are honestly some things I might not answer, but I'll be a good sport, lol. Let's call it ASK Tuesday instead. [Doing this on various sites, btw. Just thought I'd include Weasyl too.]

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OKAY, I'LL BITE. [it's that meme, lol]

What's your real name? Dia. No, it's not not short for anything. How tall are you? 5'2"ish maybe? I'm tiny. What's your natural hair color? Black What's your eye color? Really dark brown What's your orientation? *shrugs* But I'm okay with that. Are you single, taken or undecided? What does "undecid…

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♥ deviantART | Furaffinity | art tumblr | plush tumblr ♥ I felt left out. D: I'm aware of the mass migration and why. But I am allergic to drama. I just want my furry art community back. ;_; But really, some of my favorite artists are packing up and heading over, so I made an account a bit ago and…